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NSX Driver Highlights Edition

2 November 2006
Berkshire NY, Port Charlotte Fl
I just got the latest edition of NSX Driver, and I think it's GREAT. I've been looking at all the familiar faces and trying to remember all the names. It really gets me more fired up to hit the road to Colorado in September.
Great job on the magazine everyone. Howard:smile:
Mine came in the mail this week. I have not had a chance to look at it as my wife has been reading it. NSXPO2011 is extremely well documented. The pictures are great. She has been telling me so much about the magazine, I won't need to read it for myself! Great job guys. It appears the 2011 group set the bar really high for NSXPO2012.

My wife and I are both looking forward to NSXPO2012
Thanks for the kind words!! My wife, Carla (aka Pooh) spent countless hours working with Tony (our layout guru) trying to get all of the photos captioned. A lot of time and effort goes into the magazine and there are many folks to thank. Editor, Graphic Layout, Writers, Photograhers, the Printer, etc...

They should be very proud of the job they did. :smile:
I would agree. This is the only time that my wife actually looked through the whole thing. Got her excited about the next XPO.
Bob Ondrovic's great photos really captured NSXPO 2011. He documents each NSXPO with photos as well as the local Northeast's events and spends an inordinate amount of time making sure that he gets to photograph as many folks as possible spending much of the banquet taking photos as well as during all other events.

My favorite memory of a NSXPO was Bob sitting out on the tarmac at NSXPO 2007 at the Honda Research Test Facility in well over 95 degree weather taking photos of each person as they had their turn on the skid pad and mini-autocross route surrounded by a cooler of Diet Pepsi and water. He may have drank well over a couple of gallons that day just trying to stay hydrated.

Tony Wong 'put together' those photos to create a really awesome edition spending hours and days on the layout as we added and subtracted photos along the way.

For any errors in the identification of folks in the photos I'm apologizing in advance. I did the best I could and any mistakes are mine!
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Most importantly, I'm glad she's getting excited for the next NSXPO. I can't wait to go to Colorado in the fall and see the aspen trees turn to gold while negotiating twisty mountain roads (at safe speeds of course!).

NSXPO 2012 is gearing up to be absolutely awesome. I hope that attendance there will top the NJ/PA 2011 NSXPO.
Hi All; Thankyou for all that youz all do.. Thankyou for recognizing my wife Lori for helping out with all the other hosting ladies.. We alway have a great time & looking forward to going back to Denver & Etc.. Clem:biggrin::biggrin:
thankyou for taking the time to personalize all those great photos.....:smile:
Thanks for the layout of my son Nathan....he got such a kick out of it!!!
Great Job!

Great NSXDriver.

I am dissapointed though that you guys did not spend any time in Photoshop on the pictures of me. I look exactly like that. :-)

Looking forward to the next NSXPO. It will be a blast. I hope to be at the back of the NSX caravan in my rental driving fun roads.

Best regards
Funny you say that Martin. I had requested some photoshop services on one of my pics. I won't say whether my request was granted or not, but . . .

Looking forward to seeing you in Colorado in the Camaro!
How do I get a subscription to NSX Driver?

George you might want to consider a small sponsorship of NSXPO2012. It is a great way to get your name out to the community for a pretty reasonable price. You can contact the event sponsors though their website.
I agree about the recent issue being THE BEST I've seen in the past 8 years I've been a member. Great job to everyone who contributed!!!!!!
I agree about the recent issue being THE BEST I've seen in the past 8 years I've been a member. Great job to everyone who contributed!!!!!!

"The BEST", huh? Anyone know where or a way I can buy a single issue somewhere?

Who on here can I contact about this NSXPO...and when is it coming back to Dallas...or at least Texas? :D

"The BEST", huh? Anyone know where or a way I can buy a single issue somewhere?

Who on here can I contact about this NSXPO.

For sponsorship go to the link above and follow the instructions to contact Bruce Henderson, co-chair of NSXPO2012.

and when is it coming back to Dallas...or at least Texas? :D
NSXPO is held once a year in different areas of the country. The area is selected from the proposals that have been submitted to the Board by different regions and the location of the next year's expo is announced during the current NSXPO. So far to my knowledge there have not been any proposals submitted for 2013.

If you want to have NSXPO in Texas (it was there once before) and what a great way to promote your company, then get some volunteers together and submit a proposal. Search the wiki for information about this, and if you need help, contact folks involved with prior year's NSXPO's like those involved in NJ/PA in 2012, Las Vegas in 2010, Toronto in 2009, Portland in 2008, Ohio in 2007 ect, ect. Most people who have been involved in putting on this event would be more than happy to talk to others thinking about putting a bid together.
just got issue 03 for 2012......................thankyou for the "bee" coverage....the kids loved it! Nice job of filling in the Kids day edition:wink:

I just got mine here in Norway. I will not have the time to get through it as it deserves at the time I have before I leave Norway for NSXPO 2010 on thursday early morning. (Don I will send you a mail about that after I post this)

Too much things to do and too little time with a limited head. I have although used Post it's here to mark all the places I am present in issue 2. My mother will live in in my apartment while I am in the US. She will have a blast reading that.

Damn I am on my way very soon.:biggrin:

Best regards

I will not use my flux capacitor to go back to NSXPO 2010. What I ment was of course that I am very soon on my way to NSXPO 2012.

Best regards