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NSX for sale in Netherlands .... who knows this car?

I know the company that overhauled the transmission we supplied the parts for that.
The transmission specialist told us that previous owner used ether incorrectly oil or the tranny ran dry causing differential and bearing damage.
As far i know it has been fully overhauled since.

Over on the drivingfun.com forum there is a blog of the owner.

Sounds legit, although the choice of parts for the timing belt overhaul is a questionable. (seems that decisions we mostly price based versus quality)
Don't recall seeing the car at any meetings nor have i spoken to the owner, so don't know the detail on that.
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Hi Raymond,

Are you looking for a NSX again :) :)

For me also, this is a car that I have not seen in real life yet and have not met the owner.
Have you contacted the buyer yet?