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nsx from belgium wanted full suspension

4 July 2014
Hello everyone,
I do not speak much English you please excuse me. I just renovating an NA1 NSX 1996. She suffered a major accident left front but the previous owner did not know. I am a professional and we put the frame to the dimensions of the manufacturer. I have a problem with hunting before both sides. We are 6 degrees 50 minutes while the minimum tolerance is 7 degree 15 minutes.
I + - 1 degree out of tolerance. The front wheels are too remote to the cockpit.
Being sure that the values ​​of the frame are correct, we opt to replace mechanical parts. Given the cost of new parts, I'm looking for a full supension front left and right. I will take the parts I need to test on the car. Can someone help me?

thank you
Not sure if you are looking to buy OEM suspension or borrow. That said, I have NA1 and NA2 that I will make a reasonable offer. My car is a 91. Thanks.
wrong forum, post in the European section there is a strong nsx club in your region.