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DIY Replacement tabs for door interior trim, no solvent required

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
Many folks have noticed that the tabs for the tabs on the interior door trim pieces are easily broken if they're over tightened or just due to age.

MITA makes replacements that have been very well received and are apparently stronger than the OEM. Probably a good choice if most or all of your tabs are broken.

If you only have a couple of broken tabs, here are the .stl's to add way stronger tabs on the OEM panels. They drop right into slots in the factory parts and are at least 10 times stronger. Install with epoxy or hot glue. Numbered from 1-7 from Front to Back. Due to the geometry, they are all different (except 3&4); be sure to get the correct side as well. Left and Right 2-6 uploaded - the geometry is more complex around 1 & 7. The location and side are cast into the parts when printed so you don't mix them up.


3D print the correct tab. Cut the old remnants off, being sure that there is no extra material preventing the tab replacement from fully seating. Epoxy it in.
Print files at: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6592022

Original Parts #'s:
83548SL0A00ZE, 83598SL0A00ZE, 83549SL0A00ZE, 83599SL0A00ZE, 83547SL0A00ZE, 83597SL0A00ZE

Edit: Thought I was original, but someone milled something similar years ago. But if you don't have your own CNC milling machine, these 3D printed tab replacements are probably just as good for much less $:
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