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NSX in snow! :)

6 March 2000
Haymarket, VA
My NSX is worthless in the snow!
I tried to goto work, there's about 1/4-1/2 inch of snow on the ground, and I barely get out the driveway!!! Is a stock NSX, as bad?? I've got TT's with some Yoko A520
I got stuck in a "gentle" snow storm on the way back from work one evening. The palms of my hands have never sweat so much. Besides no steering grip of the tires, either the traction control was controling the car or the ABS. I found it the most frightning experience since I couldn't control the car. Never again.
I feel your pain, us NOVA boys woke up to a thin (1/4in) blanket of snow today. I left my car in open air last night too...oops. I didn't even attempt to drive after my last experience. Although, the NSX is one of the top sports car performers in snow in one crucial category.......tire spin. Dognuts may be fun if I had the huevos to try it.
With my wingwest front spoiler i have a plow for my block. I hate snow!!!!!
Anyone notice that their car feels alot faster when the temp is way below freezing?
You know, that 10 deg=1% rule is a VERY rough rule of thumb and doesnt always work. (No flames please). In any case yes I do notice the car feels faster when its cold, but then again most cars should. Its just that a 100hp car with lets say 5% gain in hp is only 105hp. Barely worth noticing, whereas an NSX @290hp with a 5% gain would be almost 15hp. Enough to give a slight extra push (or simulate putting on an exhaust system)
I noticed that performance on my stock tires lose significant amount traction when the tires are cold.

Here's a scenerio I encountered recently:
-it was night and the road was dry
-tires were cold(it was about 35deg F out)
-tires still have about 50% tread left

I pulled out of the parking lot and accelerated 3/4 throttle from 1st gear. As I upshift aggressively into 2nd gear, my rear tires lose traction(TCS was off) and my nsx almost goes sideways. (this is the first time it ever happened to me in 2nd gear upshift in the 9mos I've had my nsx). I had to correct and ease off on the throttle to gain control of my car. Lucky for me, there weren't any other cars around me and the road was clear and wide. Pretty scary thought when you think about what could have happened. If I had slammed on my brakes and/or tried to correct in the opposite direction of my skid, I definitely would have lost control of my car and crashed into something.

After this experience, I always make sure my tires are warmed up before doing any 'spirited' driving.
Performance tires such as the ones on the NSX are designed to function well in warm-weather temperatures. This is partly why winter tires are preferable for cold-weather use; it's not only that they have better traction in snow, but also that they are designed to stick well in colder temperatures. The Blizzaks on my daily driver are much better than my SP9000's in frigid temperatures, even on dry pavement.

Also remember that your tire pressures drop in colder temperatures, roughly 1 psi for each ten degrees F. You should add air to keep your tires inflated properly for the normal outside temperatures in your area at this time of year.
I hear LA is hitting about 80 degrees. I am very jealous. I haven't driven with the targa off the over 3 months. I think I'm having withdrawl symptoms.
It's amazing how much my NSX is changing my lifestyle and circumstances.

I had to get a new house with a "real" gargage...

And now I might just have to move to a warmer climate (instead of PA) in order to enjoy my NSX year round.



1991 NSX Blk/Blk
1974 Vette 454 4 spd
Have you guys considered moving to sunny SoCal?

(Here we go again...)

It costs $78 per year here to register any car, including a brand new NSX.

You can get a decent house in a decent town for $200K, and a really nice house in a really nice town for $300K.

Despite being a big city, we don't have a single highway with traffic as bad as the 405.

We have five of the very best NSX service facilities in the country, including four dealers who do a ton of NSX work, one of which does race prep for them, along with an independent aftermarket shop http://www.tadmotorsports.com that specializes in prepping rally cars and also has a fair amount of NSX modification experience.

Within four hours, we have seven terrific racetracks. Okay, four terrific ones and three that are not so terrific.

And our local NSX group gets along with each other great, without the bickering that seems to emanate from the Southland.

IOW - no thanks.

Obviously, every place has its pluses and minuses. You folks have sunshine, you can drive your cars year round, and you've got some terrific driving roads close by, and we don't. Gotta go where you're happy - if you're not happy where you are, then go someplace else.

Hope everyone has a great weekend...

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Originally posted by johndoh:
I haven't driven with the targa off the over 3 months.

Ah man before I leave in the morning I just warm my car with the heat turned all the way up. When it feels like 90 I take the top and and stow it. Then I jump in, put on my shades on, turn on my italian music and drive .......... up the street that is then I jump out and put the top back and and puttt my my coat on because I'm freezing! It's amazing how much that 5 minutes helps!

Hal Jones
Lake Oswego, Oregon
95T Blk\Blk SportShift
I couldn't resist taking a pic of my topless NSX-T last Friday...


Driving around with the top off in late December make me very happy...and its getting warmer

Sorry if you've already seen this pic in another thread...I just couldn't resist.

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i just make a 80 mile trip in the snow today....1"-2"...at around 25mph on the highway.....it did okay on my 18" all season tires

Just the other day my nsx cleared the roads with the front spoiler during the big storm.

i have a rx300 but for some reason every morning i get up i can't seem to bring myself to drive it...
You have a Lexus RX300 and you chose to drive your NSX in the snow...?

The phone is ringing but nobody's home!

I have a Prelude VTEC, but I refuse to drive that in the snow, especially with the cold air intake. It drives fine on the snow, but I just don't want to subject it to salt and sand!

Drive the new Accord SE when it looks wintery out.

If I owned an NSX...no way.


93 Prelude VTEC modified n/a

00 Accord SE

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No need to think of California when arguing sun vs. snow. Arizona has three of the top five most sunny cities in the country and little of the traffic downside. More to the point of this thread, why abuse an NSX by driving it in the snow? Mine doesn't even go out in the rain. Let's face it, all fine sports cars are fair weather toys, if for no other reason that keeping them looking good.
Arizona has three of the top five most sunny cities in the country

Average number of days per year when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees...

...in Phoenix: 168

...in Chicago: 17

No thanks.
My 93 MR2 has fun in the snow. Mid-engine and fat tires make snow tricky.

But front spoiler acts like a plow if snow is to deep.

Will be plowing my way to International Auto Show in Detroit next week.
I took mine down to the Gulf Coast to enjoy the warmer weather there. Lots of sun and nice roads, but could not avoid a snowstorm on the way back to Louisville. The car was awful in the snow or even slightly slippery pavement and I had to pull off for the night. Normally I would feel too guilty to even admit that I drove in the snow, but i feel better to know i'm not the only one. The main concern is the damn salt, just got the car cleaned up today and hosed out everything as much as possible--will not drive it again until spring. Being an aluminum bodied car, it is still subject to corrosion. Anyone in the north have any signs of corrosion setting in? I have not seen any on mine yet but am very concerned.

I admit it, I dont have enough sense to live somewhere with a decent quality of life. I am working on that now. Please no more painfull pics of CA!
The aluminum body won't corrode, however, you need to be careful about the hundreds of other components that are NOT made of aluminum especially on the underside. What seems to work well for me in washing the underside is taking the car to those 'do-it-yourself' carwash places that have high-pressure hoses. The high pressure does an excellent job of getting gunk off the bottom of cars.

Lastly, make sure that you do a thorough job of rinsing before you store the car. You won't want any corrosives sitting on our parts while it's being stored.

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Does it make you guys feel better to know that it rained today in SoCal? My NSX is now covered with beady little water drops...must wash tomorrow morning.
Does it make you guys feel better to know that it rained today in SoCal?


Average number of days per year with rain...

...in Los Angeles (LAX): 35

...in Chicago (ORD): 125

...in Seattle (SEA): 155
2 years ago in Seattle...
We had 90+ days of non-stop rain in the fall-winter months. Broke the record for the most consecutive days of rain. Mount Baker ski resort had to shutdown because the snow had reached the bottom of the ski lifts.

We do charish those sunny days here and never take those sunny days for granted.
Originally posted by johndoh:
We do charish those sunny days here and never take those sunny days for granted.

Preach on brother johndoh

I see dry roads lately and I am ready to skip work ... heh