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NSX insurance

16 June 2000
How much do you NSX owners pay for insurance??? Also post your age, sex, and years of driving, and if you've had any violations.........
38/M/Married; driving since I was 16; lots of tickets (mostly speeding) but no points on my record right now.

I pay about $900/year insurance from AAA (full coverage).

-Bob ('94 #496)
'91 no tickets no accidents. Clean record w/state Farm insurance. Multi-line, and Multi-car discount.
590 every 6 months...
SF says since it is not primary mode of transportation, It is considered secondary, AND I get a married rate. (dont ask me why..they just do)
35/M/Married: driving for almost 20 years. Numerous ticket in the first 5 years. My favorite is 110+mph in the snow.
+5 good points on my license, no "convictions" on my record for over 5 years. I get stopped about ever 2 months.

I pay about $900 per year with Kemper for 100% full coverage with $0 deductable. That is with my multicar discount. Virginia.

One of the guys who works for me is 21, lots of tickets, just bought an Audi TT Coupe and he pays $2,700 per year! Yikes!
I'm 28/male/single, living in WA state. About 4.5 year's insurance history in the U.S. (moved here from Canada). Clean record. 1999 NSX-T + 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Insured with State Farm.


I checked with a couple other agencies and they told me either "sorry, can't really beat that" or "you have an Acura what? I don't think we cover those."


Actually, I just got my first speeding ticket with the NSX a few weeks ago.
HEy sas where do you live in seattle? north or downtown?

I live in donwtown near Seattle University.
Maybe we could meet someday.

About $1200 a year Farmers Insureance, 250 ded
28(today!)/male/married/'00 NSX-T

No points on record or at fault accidents (only one stupid speeding ticket from a few years back that I should have contested). Good driver, multi-car discounts.

Around $2500/year with AAA (over tripled my rate from my previous car, an '88 Celica, but I also significantly upped my coverage for the NSX). NSX is my daily driver and I'm listed as the only driver.

Either I'm paying through the nose because I live and work around L.A.'s Westside or I need to find another carrier! I even have a $500 deductible!

(Brief update: because of this thread, my wife started calling around and found out that Allstate can shave around $500 dollars off of the rate with exactly the same coverage...looks like I'll be changing carriers)

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Age 25, male, 8 years driving, had many previous points, but have had them cleared (driving like a good boy on the record for a few years) in real life not really though , I luv speed I pay 1700 a year full coverage, my jeep 1993 Grand Jeep Cherokee is more 3500 a year yech.... lot of people get into accidents with SUV's oh well...
Originally posted by NSXdreamer:
How much do you NSX owners pay for insurance??? Also post your age, sex, and years of driving, and if you've had any violations.........