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NSX lower timing belt cover

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18 October 2009
Vancouver BC
Selling a brand new nsx lower timing belt cover. Part# 11810-PR7-A02$180 USD shipped anywhere in the U.S

fits all years

If you have any other questions my email/paypal is:

[email protected]
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Actually I'll have to double check the part# because it was for my 91.

I did some digging too and found that this part should fit all years NSX that have have had the TB/WP service performed after 1997 due to the change in the water pump weep hole. In other words the part you are selling is the ONLY one available for all years NSX.

However, please confirm the part number of your cover since the original 1991-96 cover is essentially obsolete so you want to be absolutely certain that your part is indeed 11810-PR7-A02.

It's discussed here: https://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Maintenance/timing_belt.htm

Water Pump Note

The the vendor in Japan who was casting the pumps changed ALL the molds and can not cast the old pump any more. The weep hole was moved in the 1997 pump. The new pumps are the same price as the old pumps. The new pump will fit the 91-96 cars but one of two things must happen:

  1. Replace the lower timing belt cover for about $100
  2. Drill a hole in your existing lower timing belt cover so the water pump weep hole tube can stick out, then fill the old hole w/silicon glue.
If you buy a new cover you will need a grommet.
19200-PR7-A03 Water pump
11810-PR7-A02 '97 lower timing belt cover
11816-PR7-000 Grommet

Many dealers who do not work on many NSXs are still not aware of this change. They will get halfway through the job and call to say there was a parts change and they need to get a new timing belt cover. Some owners have been able to get the dealer to give them a discount on the new belt cover when they get a call like, especially if they negotiated a flat fee for the work first.
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