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10 April 2000
I like listening to Jean Michel Jarre-Chronologie, Oxygene 7-13, or Vanessa-Mae Storm. Techno, exotic. Anybody else got favorites?
Well, since I haven't heard any music by "ChopsJazz" the NSXPRIME.COM resident musician, I will have to choose something else...

Believe it or not, I am part of the White Anglo-saxon Protestant demographic that listens to RAP. Nothing like the Jimmy Paige and Puff Daddy Remix of the Led Zeplin song "Come with Me" from the Godzilla Movie Soundtrack.

Anything pounding on the Acura/Bose stereo as hard as the engine is behind me is good for me.
All I listen to is 80's electronic music (New Order, O.M.D., Depeche Mode, etc.). I suppose I'll forever be trapped in the 80's.

That said, Depeche Mode's "Behind the Wheel/Route 66" is a great mix to listen to while driving the NSX.
I agree with akira3d, Depeche Mode (incl remixes) are perfect in the NSX. Plastic Compliation I and II (techno) are great too.

The sweet V6 approaching redline, inches behind your head goes well with anything electronic.

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I've been out of town for a few days (in LA with my band!) and didn't see that I'd been mentioned. I'm a jazzer. I play the saxes and lead an 18 piece big band named, of course, Chops. We do all the Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole swing era stuff. So I guess that's my choice for tunes: Jazz!
I am with ChopsJazz... I think we should all be supportive of other NSX owners. So, Chops... where can we buy your CDs so that we can all enjoy your work.
I play keyboards...got a few Roland synths in my rig. Surprised that I prefer electronic music in my NSX?
Okay Maomaonsx,
Chops is going to play at the San Mateo Annual Easter Egg Hunt at 10 am in Central Park on April 22. I'll be the guy leading the band.
See you all there!