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NSX on 101 Cars You Must Drive, Tonight 9pm on Speed

2.0 Litter V6....REALLY?

and they show the corvair and dont mention on how horrible they handled and how easy it was to lose control?
Actually, it was the '60-'64 Corvairs that had the bad handling and potential for roll-overs .. '65s and later had a revised fully independent suspension that was as good as a Corvette of the time and were raced in IMSA road course events. In the late '60s, Crown Engineering sold a kit that would allow you to flip the transaxle over and run a small block V8 mounted in place of the rear seat .. thus creating an incredibly quick (they were quite light), great handling, mid-engined, 2 seat sports car, while maintaining a stock look. The only real issue was that the stock transaxle wasn't designed for V8 torque and was the weak link. It's interesting that it even had a sort of cab forward, mid engine proportions that the NSX has.