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NSX on Carsales

There was a small window, around 1996 I think, when it was still legal. I understand only 1 NSX-R made it, and this is it.
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Those NSX-R prices ex-japan are interesting, but sadly here's no way you can get them here.
I have had the pleasure of driving this NSX-R for quite a few km's around some amazing roads in Tasmania.
Who ever buys the car is going to be most impressed with it.

That thing had horrible overspray evident from the pictures alone!

If your talking about the $79k SA car I can vouch that there was no overspray that car was like it came out of the showroom all original including paint. Didn't have a close look at the pics on carsales unless it was bad pics.
Agree with NSX SA, the red car was immaculate, I believe its sold and heading west
I will see if we can get some info on the lucky new owner....or if they are on Prime, Welcome!
Looks like that yellow NSX-R on Car Sales has also SOLD.<script charset="UTF-8" src="chrome://hdv/content/hdv.js" type="application/javascript"></script>
Actually the one I'm thinking of was a low 90s model with I think 144000km. She had overspray everywhere over the rear end and front end.

Its back up for sale....

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And the other ones that for sale is worth about half its asking price. Dreamin'.


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I wouldn't say half... I'd have said 50 is cheap, 60 is fair depending overall condition?
Depending condition....

If you mean the silver one - yeah that was cheap! I would have bought if I had known about it..