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NSX on Carsales

I'd bet London to brick ..., if you put 100 different drivers into a coupe on a good winding road, but didn't tell them it was a coupe, none of them would pick it as a coupe. Unless maybe they were Ayrton Senna, or the roof was open :cool:
So its an early NA1 with reasonable kms and what looks to be a well executed NA2 type R body kit / facelift, and it's our favourite colour scheme: white + black roof/spoiler.

Looks OK but photos not very good / revealing. Hiding something maybe?

How can you tell it's a Jap import?
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I've had a look a few times now - does look like MPH.. I said Jap as speedo only goes to 180. UK NSXs have MPH but KMH on the inside and Acura NSXs have the same?
ah... well spotted Ian!

So when did the laws change to stop imports? I vaguely recall it was about 1997?
I assume no imports after that date at all
It was on then off within a day or two. Looks dodgey.

The midnight purple NSX has been marked as sold. Officially no more on Carsales :(

Anyone know of any others for sale?