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NSX on TV around the world in the Philly International Triple Crown Pro Bike Race!

10 August 2006
Ft. Lauderdale FL, Philly PA & Portugal
My NSX was a Pace/Chase car in the International Pro Cycling Race in Philly this past weekend. Here are some pics and videos of my car from This Past Sunday, I also put My friends 911 TT as a pace car as well.

The amount of early 20's guys screaming NSX was amazing! Lots of generation-X really love the NSX!

Our main Purpose was to take big-big time VIP guests from around the world for a lap along with the bikers. Sheiks, world peace leaders, internet moguls & Movies Stars too, but I have to keep names confidential. :wink:

This was a 6hr race in 98 degree weather and the NSX never raised one hair on the Temp gauge which was unbelievable all passengers loved the OL' 16 yr old "Exotic Honda"

A little info on how big this race is.
The 2008 Commerce Bank Triple Crown of Cycling is the Philadelphia International Championship. More than 200 of the world’s top male professional cyclists descend upon the city of Philadelphia to race in the longest running and most important single-day cycling road race in the United States. The cyclists will complete 10 laps of a 14.4-mile circuit through Philadelphia. They will finish with three laps of Lemon Hill and Logan Circle, having logged 156 miles total in one of the biggest special sporting events in the country.

The day also includes the Commerce Bank Liberty Classic with more than 100 professional, international women cyclists competing. The 57.6-mile race consists of four laps of a 14.4-mile circuit through Philadelphia with four steep climbs up the grueling Manayunk Wall. The Liberty Classic is the final leg of the 2008 Commerce Bank Triple Crown of Cycling for women and is held during the men’s International Championship on the same course.









shows at end of this one
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Here is some cool footage of the event
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Nice. Looked like a fun event. :smile:
Based on my observation, lots of heads turned the same direction as your NSX, even the 30+ year old one :biggrin: Must be the NSX, baby!
i echo yellownsxna1's comments - hard to believe the NSX is old because it looks so good - even with all those decals over your car. Nice work representing the NSX community. :)