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NSX Only Track Day @ Buttonwillow


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1 August 2008
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UPDATE 10-07-2014

SCHEDULE: You have to be at the track by 7:30AM to start the DRIVERS MEETING. Please don't ruin my day by being late. It is preferred you register as early as 6:50am or may miss your first run.

LOCATION/LODGING/ETC: Many folks are leaving on Fri and spending the night at the track (camping) or getting a motel. There is also a contingent driving up early Saturday. You can use this thread to coordinate caravans if you'd like.

PRICING: Due to last min attrition and other changes in overall headcount I cannot provide an exact amount for pricing. Current estimate is between $150-165 per driver assuming not too many more people drop out. The silver lining is that we will have luxurious spacing between cars with 20-25 NSXs on track. The event will be SOLD OUT and expect 35+ cars in the other run groups.

* YOU – Ensure you get a good night sleep before you leave for the track day. It's a very important topic on all Track Day threads yet it's one thing I feel people are lacking (including myself). They can be quite tiring as you will need to concentrate more than you do with normal driving. The session will be 25 mins each and point-by-passing anywhere on track. That's like driving from LA to LONG BEACH on side streets at full speed the entire way. It can get tiring. The social side to this track day is keenly encouraged so expect to be busy all day chatting to fellow NSX enthusiasts. So being relaxed and alert will help you to have a safer and more enjoyable day.

What to bring to a track day?
The most important thing is the right attitude. There will be a set of simple rules designed to keep you and others safe, if you come prepared to follow those rules, you will be fine, break them and you’ll be going home early <-- I'm serious about this. I made a commitment to the NSX owners that this will be a chill and enjoyable event. No one should be trying to break their Personal Best Time out there. You can do that when you aren't in a run group with many other expensive cars with many different driver levels including novice owners. If you are clearly not in control of your car or pose a danger to other NSX drivers you will be removed and not refunded. Other than that, a suitable & safe car and the correct clothing (use your best judgement, you will be required to drive with your windows open).

This is Speed Venture's checklist: http://www.speedventures.com/events/trackchecklist.pdf

You can print this out and bring it with you track day. It will save you time during registration. You can also do this at registration. http://www.speedventures.com/events/tech.pdf

(here's my own checklist which i'm happy to share. Others please chime in!)
* Check your fluid levels
* Check your brakes
* Check your tires
* Check your hoses
* Consider your gas. It might be old and at least use Premium. I put at least half a tank of 100 oct at the track.
* Make sure your name is on the registered list http://www.speedventures.com/events/attendees.aspx?id=-1999999184

* Bring at least 1qtr of your favorite motor oil. I use 10w30 but some use 5w30 or 10w40
* Bottle of brake fluid (in case you use up so much brake pad and run low on brake fluid)
* Bottle of distilled water (in case you run low on coolant)
* 1 spare set of brake pads. IIRC the NSX takes the same front/rear pads
* Bring money/CC for gas and food. Remember you might not want to be out on the track with less than half a tank of gas. You don't your fuel pump to suck up air if your gas level is too low. High RPM is not a good time to suck up air in the fuel.
* Bring your track approved helmet
* Bring driving gloves if you need them
* Bring a tire pressure gauge
* Bring a torque wrench - Yes, usually your lugnuts will come loose
* A proper jack and jackstands (optional)
* Bring lots to drink and snacks!
* Bring a piece of wood or wheel chocks. You don't want to engage your ebrake to prevent your car from rolling when your brakes are super HOT
* A change of clothes is always nice
* Painter's tape to put numbers on your car or for protection etc
* Duct tape (because you never know)
* General Automotive tools
* Sunblock/Sunglasses/Hat
* Bring an eazy-up if you can
* Fold away chairs
* Go-Pro and batteries and extra memory
* Rags and Shop Towels
* I bring a notepad and pen because I like to record my suspension settings and tire pressures etc
* AAA Card!
The Event is officially closed.
Thanks Everyone for the early signups. See you all soon! Beginners can still sign up for the beginner group.

Where: Buttonwillow
Date: Oct 18th, Saturday
Time: 7:30am (Do Not Be Late)

Beginners: Beginners are welcome! I would encourage you sign up in the Beginner's group. "Beginners" are typically drivers who have less than 3 track days but anyone can sign up for beginners. If this is your first time on the track it's mandatory you sign up for the Beginner's group. You will be given proper instruction by the SV staff. Sign up via this link here. http://www.speedventures.com/events/eventdetail.aspx?id=472

Note on Cost: The per person cost is TBD. This will depend on how many people end up signing up. From the looks of it the cost will be under $200/driver and will likely be between $130-170 from a rough headcount. Speedventures will procure the sign-ups from their website and will bill us individually once registration is closed. I will be provided a signup code shortly.

Some folks are running both days 18th and 19th. Feel free to sign up for Sunday as well if you'd like. I'll try to run both days if I can.

Lodging: Some folks are driving from Norcal and San Diego. If you prefer, you can stay on the track if you have a trailer or want to pitch a tent. You can also stay overnight at Buttonwillow, CA. See some selections here.

Please post if anyone has any questions and/or if i've missed anything.

New Track Pavement Update and tutorial videos on page 4, post #97. Also, here's a tutorial by Billy Johnson on the track.

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I would be 100% about this except I will be on deployment until next spring. If you organize one of these events when I get back I will throw in on it.
In 100%. Where can I send my deposit lol.
hey Alex hows it going:smile: How is your best in show nsx doing?
Depending on how things turn out with my current project, I might be interested. It's been over six years since I've tracked my car (and my last time was on a very wet Streets of Willow)

Of course, I still go there from time to time in Gran Turismo... :)

hey Alex hows it going:smile: How is your best in show nsx doing?

Hey doc bumblebee john, how are you? NSX still around and barely kicking. Spending a lot of time just collecting dust and cobwebs. Need to excercise it's muscles.

Regarding this track event, while initial response is somewhat of an indicator of interest, that's all it actually is. Until you post specifics, and start collecting the $$, that's when you start counting the chickens (from the eggs).

Agree 100% percent Alex. I'm collecting data now and will post up options within a couple weeks time.

Regarding this track event, while initial response is somewhat of an indicator of interest, that's all it actually is. Until you post specifics, and start collecting the $$, that's when you start counting the chickens (from the eggs).

I'm in....
Lots of logistics to get worked out..
But lets do it Regan !

- - - Updated - - -

Yup, lets hope those that those that say they want to go, actually follow through. Seen what you're saying way too many times.

Regarding this track event, while initial response is somewhat of an indicator of interest, that's all it actually is. Until you post specifics, and start collecting the $$, that's when you start counting the chickens (from the eggs).
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I have in the past got my own run group with extremespeedtrackevents with a minimum of 10 cars, but they don't run on weekdays. I prefer week days like you stated in your op.
I'm interested but will stop short short of saying "I'm in" until I know the date

Sounds kind of fun but need way more info like;
* date
* times
* NSX only
* HPDE instruction and instructors
* Safety requirements
* lastly - price