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NSX-R/NSX-S TCS Computer Delete Bracket

30 October 2016
Austin, TX
When you remove the TCS computer from behind the left side seat the rear panel loses one of it's mounting points since it attaches to a bracket on the TCS computer case.

The fix for this is to use the NSX-R/NSX-S rear panel bracket which bolts in place of the TCS computer. The part number is 83724-SL0-J50 and it can be obtained through your favorite JDM parts dealer, such as Amayama. There's a few US sites that claim to have it but it's much more expensive, around $100 instead of $32.

The parts diagram is misleading, it shows the bracket still attached to the TCS computer since the diagram is reused from the normal NSX models. It's part #7 in the diagram but it looks nothing like that.


Here is the part installed in my car, after I tried a few different ways to make it fit after being unable to find any information about this. I cut the corners of the left leg mount point so they wouldn't dig into the sound deadening material. The bolt on the right side was already there holding that black box, I put the bracket on top of the mounting flange for the black box but either way should work. The left side bolt is one that originally held the bracket to the TCS computer housing.

The right side mounting bolt is behind the side cover but I was able to get it off with a 10mm wrench and get it snugged down with a deep well 10mm socket. It would be much easier with the panel removed but that's a couple more disassembly steps and potential broken mounting tabs.


Hopefully this is helpful to someone.
My TCS died shortly after I bought my car, and I've been driving without it for about a year and a half and not sure I'm going to repair it, but I've just kept it in place to keep the panel on. What would you guess the weight is on the unit...maybe 1lb?