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NSX & S2K meet OKC

24 August 2006
Oklahoma City
Im thinking about having a meet here in okc maybe at my shop(Lee's Sandwiches) or at the lake..
Get to know each other.. Please lmk what you think..
We will discuss on a date..
My name is Andrew (Saki)..
Sounds good. How about sometime in November? Not the first weekend in November though. LMK and I'll post up something on the local S2K board. Where's your shop?
The joint S2000/ NSX meet the North Texas group had went very well for an initial meet. You could have a group drive or meet up at a shop in the area that services S2000's or NSX's. Just some ideas, I'd like to see more of these around the country being as we are family. Hope your joint meet goes very well! :)
I was hoping we could do this sometimes next year just get this spreader out and discuss on a good date next year.. I might be down there in Austin for nsx craze since now I won't be goin for SEMA..
My shop is called lees sandwiches.. I could probably get a bigger spot if this turns out to be a lot of cars..
Yes it's on classen.. I go by the name saki..
Also we are having a alliance meet at north Texas at TopSpeed Pro1 performance again.. Next Sunday Oct. 28, 2012.. I will be out there maybe in my nsx or my 98 typeR civic hatch..
Damn i almost forgot about this.. But yeah soon I'll be setting up a date as slon as i discuss it wit some s2ki buddies.. But for sure this is still goin to happen..