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Exterior Procar NITB Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Window/Engine Garnish (Price Drop) - SoCal

1 November 2015
Hi Guys. So, one more piece for sale. This one is NITB. I've opened the box so I guess it's Open Box but never installed. I'm definitely not the expert but I've purchased three (3) CF parts. One by Seibon, one by DF and one by Procar. They were incrementally more expensive than the other. I don't want to say anything bad about any manufacturer but I will say that ProCar by far, even to my amateur eyes, is the better crafted piece - at least in my experience with one item from each company. Not that anyone is counting ounces but this thing has almost no weight to it; it's crazy light. I was told that (the name escapes me right this second; I think it's Pride) makes a CF garnish and it's only $650, if I'm not mistaken. In 2024, that's an excellent price. I've never looked at it so I can't vouch but if it's well crafted, then that would be a great value. If you're the type of person that likes to brand-match (maybe you have Procar hood) or just like like to have high-quality pieces that not everybody has and don't mind paying a premium, I have this hard-to-find piece for $1,250 and it's new. There's a white 1997 NSX with lots and lots of tasteful upgrades for sale (the page may be old but you can Google it). They list the Procar CF garnish as a $1,500 cost in the build. I'm not surprised but it sounds a tad high so I thought I'd bring it down a little. I was given a contact to check current pricing, if not discontinued that is but I forgot to and I just want to put the item up, so here it is. Again, I'm in Huntington Beach (SoCal) and do prefer local transactions. I have the original box with the protective bubble wrap so I could ship it as long as we insure it. Same thing; payment would have to clear first and I could FaceTime the part, my car and my DL with my pic/name or whatever reasonable request that would give you peace of mind. Thanks for looking.




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Price (Drop) Bump.

I'm taking $100 off the original sell price (from $1250 to $1150). It's not a small box but it's ultra light. Hopefully, I'm not shooting myself in the foot but if anyone is interested in this spectacularly well crafted CF piece, I'll cover the shipping and I'll insure it also. I'm not going to install it. I'd rather someone add polish to their car than it sit in my office. If you're in SoCal, you're welcome to swing by and look at it in person. Thanks for reading.
Hi there.

Just a fyi, your garnish is made by Downforce and not Procar. The price difference is substantial as you mentioned, and I don't want you to get complaints misrepresenting your item. I have this exact piece on my car so this is not a hit to your sales or to tell you to reduce your price. Pricing is up to you and whatever the market demands. My old Prime login doesn't work so I cannot message you individually. My apologies to post in your sale thread.


the 6th post shows the Procar garnish. Notice it is designed differently, more open, and has two supports. Also, the box in your 2nd photo has a "DF" sticker and this is the Downforce logo.