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NSX side of the road 427 just north of 401


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1 July 2006
London, Ontario
Who left their red (black roof) nsx sitting at the side of the road on hwy 427 just north of 401, Sun evening (approx 6:30pm)?
It was your old one.

It's stocking you.
And now another Black NSX left on the side of the road in Calgary - found to be towed...

Is this a similar pattern to all of the feet washing up on shores in B.C.? Kidding of course...;)
I just saw Stu at the side of the road.

His NSX left HIM there!

Maybe he was just hitchiking to the Gay Pride celebrations though??

No, was not in my NSX.
Had the family with me heading to a motel in the area.

I looked, and it didn't look like anybody was there.
Sue said the same thing, didn't see anybody there.
Now I feel even worse than I did yesterday for not stopping!!!!
Sorry about that.
Not that I could have doubled as a flat-bed, but its always nice to have someone you know help in a situation.

No big deal Brad.. the flatbed came within 30 mins. Yeah I had moved over to the passenger side because the car had stopped while still pretty close to the road and I didn't want passing traffic to hit me if I opened the door.

JetPilot: yeah, I think at the very bare minimum I will at least get the bottom end strengthened. I'm going to get a list of what my other options are, and how much everything will cost and then go ahead and see what I want to do.
I will help you with half of that Arshad. I will decide what you're going to do, and you pay for it.

It is the least I can do for a friend in need.