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NSX Stuff

28 September 2000
Plano, TX
Where the heck can we get NSX stuff like caps, license plate holders, etc. I went to my local Acura dealer and they didn't have any.
Originally posted by nsxman:

I've noticed that Ebay also has a selection. Saw a license plate holder the other day that looked cool...

The final bid for that cool looking plate frame will be over $50 on eBay. I bought the same thing directly from manufacturer, Universal Brass Inc., for $29.95 plus $6 S&H (solid brass in black with red NSX logo officially licensed from Honda/Acura). Their # is 253-939-8282. It looks nice on my red 95 NSX. http://images.honesty.com/imagedata/2/9/6/16198296.jpg

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