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NSX Type R Sports Seats

20 November 2016
Tokyo, Japan

NSX TYPE R SPORTS SEATS20240712_151241.jpg
NSX owners, get ready for the full NSX-R experience. MITA Motorsports is excited to share the arrival of our NSX Type R Style Sports Seats.

We have received a high number of requests from enthusiasts asking for a sports seat that shares similar characteristics of the iconic NSX-R Seats, but without compromising on quality. Other issues that customers have faced with available options in the market include:

Uncertainty of previous care when purchasing pre-owned seats
  • Inaccurate comfort and shape that causes seats to not achieve the seating feel of the NSX-R
  • An overall increase in spending due to reupholstering, especially with wrong fabrics
  • Communication problems that arise when buying from a foreign company
MITA NSX Type R Style Sports Seats seats were manufactured with the iconic R seats in mind and with craftsmanship that is identical to the original in fit, comfort, and look:

Carbon Kevlar Shell
Accurate 1:1 sizing made to resemble the original

Durable Fabric
Original NSX-R fabrics that resist pilling and won’t require sudden reupholstering

Proper Cushion
Provides a comfortable driving experience to support long drives that emulate the same fit and comfort as the iconic NSX-R

Short of 5kg (10lb) with design and materials that weigh half of other seats in the market

Fully handcrafted and assembled in Japan by industry experts


Made to order with short processing time


MITA NSX Seats are made of 3 main components: dry carbon Kevlar shell, urethane foam, and fabric covers.

The manufacturing process from start to finish takes place in Japan. Eliminating multiple manufacturing channels allows us to have a perfect product that customers want: one that is exactly like the original.

We put our seats side by side with other options in the market in order to inspect differences and we feel good about what we’re offering to the NSX community. You can be confident that every aspect of it meets the standards of MITA Motorsports. If you’re in the market to change or upgrade seats to ones that are comfortable, supportive, and affordable, then these seats are the best options available.

We’re sure you’ll like these seats as much as we do. Get yours while we’re still offering it at an early bird price.
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We are planning group buys with JDM-Motoring and other U.S.-based vendors.

Additionally, one seat will be displayed at HQ Engineering in Los Angeles. We are exploring options to have another seat displayed at NSXPO24!
For customers interested in a similar style but open to different fabrics, we offer our Standard Sports Seats. These seats maintain the same quality and craftsmanship as our Type R sport seats. The Standard Sport Seats feature a shell made of FRP (Fiberglass) and are upholstered in Super Suede and RECARO-style jersey fabric.​
Right to Repair Warranty

To ensure the precision and quality of our handcrafted NSX Type R seats, each seat undergoes meticulous assembly by skilled artisans. Our confidence in our craftsmanship allows us to offer a guarantee on all purchases of new NSX Type R seats.

Right to Repair is valid only with proof of purchase, warranty card and original parts. Each seat contains a sticker with the serial number attached on the bottom of the shell. The removal or defacement of the serial number will void the Right to Repair warranty. We won’t be able to provide support for the seat(s) if we cannot determine the authenticity.

This warranty is subject to the terms and conditions listed below.

The Right to Repair does not cover loss, theft, or damage resulting from misuse. Any substitution or addition of components or accessories not manufactured by MITA will void the warranty.​

Right to Repair applies to all parts: dry carbon shell, urethane foam, and fabric covers. The reported damaged parts must be sent back for further inspection and repair.

Warranty Card
The warranty card must always be sent with the part that needs service and must match the information that we have on file.

Proof of Purchase
This is required with all potential claims. If you are unable to locate this, we can search for it via the email address that is associated with your account.

Service Fee
As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we offer a one-time complimentary fabric reupholstery or replacement of central cushions. Any additional repairs will incur a service fee.

Right to Repair is only valid with prior acknowledgement from MITA Motorsports of Transfer of Ownership. The original buyer must submit a form to update the new ownership and include proof of sale.

Shipping costs to MITA Motorsports and back to the customer will be the responsibility of the customer. Items must be returned in a clean, well-packaged condition otherwise we may reject it.

All repair services must be arranged directly with MITA Motorsports. Once we receive the part, we will examine it and determine whether the Right to Repair terms have been properly complied with. We operate based on standards that can only be measured by our own criteria. Please do not send any products without contacting us first.
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Will you be offering the electric rails that fit your seats? Price?
Hello, sadly we only had one set of OEM NSX-R electric rails. They were immediately taken by a customer who purchased our new Type R seats.