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NSX Type-S at SEMA showing off our full Matte Carbon Dash setup + Start Button Relocation

15 October 2003
West coast!
Those of you who came to SEMA this year will notice there were plenty of awesome cars but virtually ZERO NSX's in attendance....

Special thanks to our friends for bringing his 2022 Type-S in Long Beach Blue and 2005 LBP NSX! The Type-S car is the only car we know with a working Start Button Relocation into the center console. We helped him with a custom MATTE Carbon Full Dash panel that "Deletes" the OEM start button location to make it super clean.

The Long Beach Blue NC1 Type-S has our full carbon interior package finished in MATTE Carbon Fiber. Every pieces was hand crafted for a perfect sinister look to a stunning sports car!

This car has:
EuroBoutique Matte Carbon Fiber Flat bottom Steering wheel EuroBoutique Matte Carbon Fiber Extended Shift Paddles EuroBoutique Matte Carbon Fiber Interior Door Handles EuroBoutique Matte Carbon Fiber Power Window Surrounds EuroBoutique Matte Carbon Fiber Center Switch Stack Trim EuroBoutique Matte Carbon Fiber Large 2-piece Dash Trims around radio and glove box
Custom DELETED Dash Trim to relocate OEM Start Button to the middle console
Red Star Titanium Exhaust Setup
Advan Forged Wheels in White Gloss Finish

Check out the video here:

For those who follow our Instagram and social media we had a few posts on this car and how special it looks. Every NC1 NSX is special however the interior leaves much to be desired. Take a look at this car and you will see we addressed many of the problem areas which is the silver trim that glares badly and leaves fingerprints everywhere.

Love to hear comments here....and if the owners want to chime in that would be awesome too!

EB staff

I think it all looks great, and it's seems like they are just giving the forum a sneak peak at their new products, not an official release or anything.
thanks - yes this product is a very SPECIAL ORDER by request only!

We have about a dozen or so owners already placed orders since this is a long lead time specialty order item.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video!
UPDATE 12/22/22:

These large dash pieces are being built to order and if you want to be one of the first ones to get this product in 2023, please PM us for order instructions and details. This is a complex part so there are a few options in terms of what you can do.

Please watch our Youtube video and give us a call to discuss, 408-905-9034

thanks again

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We also have a Youtube channel with a lot of NSX DIY content, link is in the Instagram link above!

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/c/EuroBoutiqu...berMotorsports

To purchase, here's our website:


thanks always for your support!
Update: 1/23/23

Please keep in mind these are hand made custom parts built to order. Each set is precisely made from an OEM Dash panel set and is a very complex work of art!

PM us for details or questions!

Your can purchase here directly or PM with questions:

For those not familiar with the factory NC1 NSX dash setup, take a look at this video:

(We have a few sets of these full OEM dash panels ready to be commissioned in the type of carbon finish your want, PM us to get on the list to receive a set)

EB staff

We will be a NSXPO 2023 Sponsor again this year and very excited to meet both old and new members! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Atlanta this year.

For those who wish to order for delivery before NSXPO please shoot us a PM and we can check for you.

We have some inventory in stock and in some cases we can delivery at the event or even before if you allow enough time for shipping and production.

Questions please shoot us a PM here!

thanks again for all your support!

EB staff

Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel as we will be making announcements there and always have new NSX videos being released. Check out our latest video here showing the our full NC1 Carbon fiber dash kit replacement!

Just got back from NSXPO and getting situated!

We had a chance to get a few more dash setups finished for clients and did some installation work at the event for this sext black Type-S!

Note the START button moved!

To order click here:

See our full NSX collection here:


This is a brand new product that does NOT require a core exchange! You can keep your stock parts.

Please take a look here at our website and social media links. We also have quite a few pictures on our Instagram site here:


thanks for your continued support!
EB Staff