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NSXCC – Sunday March 24 2013, 1-330pm, Indoor karting at Formula Kartways, Brampton

30 December 2007
Richmond Hill, ON
NSXCC – Sunday March 24 2013, 1-330pm, Indoor karting at Formula Kartways, Brampton

Okay, we have tried to setup karting last year but due to timing and postponement, it never received enough interest. Still many of you have approached for a second attempt so we are launching another in March. This time we are hosting it at the indoor track of Formula Kartways Brampton.


The facility has been there for over 17 years and some of you are regulars. While their karts are slower than some outdoor places, being a 1/4 mile technical track makes the top speed of 43km/hr feels plenty fast. On a track like this, you would be hard pressed to go any faster.


Event Details:
Place: Formula Kartways Brampton
Location: 79 Bramsteele Road, Brampton
Time: 1pm SHARP (Two hrs of track time)
Cost: $60/person (taxes in)

As it stands, we need a minimum of 24 drivers to keep the cost at $60 pp. At 20 people the cost split would still be a reasonable $72. While the track does provide helmets, for hygienic reasons you are recommended to bring your own. Minimum helmet safety standard is DOT approved (Snell even better).


Okay you are interested, so what to do next? Sign up to the post and indicate if you plan to bring a friend. At this point we are capping our max at 27 just because the track cannot accommodate more than 9 karts per race. Should response exceeds expectations we may consider adding 30 mins to our booking.

Note this remains an NSXCC members only event, so if you are a former member but interested to race, we encourage you to rejoin NSXCC and meet some of the new people, or contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Sign up here:
1) Owen +4
2) Daria +2
3) Sean F +3
4) Paul K
5) Bram +1
6) Robert (challenge accepted)
7) Garrick
8) Lionel
9) Henry (maybe +1)
10) Robert Carrol +1
11) Roy
12) Bash
13) Chris W
Total: 24
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Guys, the weather is calling for sunny/warm conditions on Sunday, who is going to be driving there cars....I know Lionel will be in his car for sure!

We can go to the nearby Pub for the analysis (who is the better driver) after the event.

Mine is going to be a game day decision. Don't like all this salt and crud they've been adding to the road over the last week or so.

Oh. I'm +1, possibly more for Sunday.
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I was marked down to come but I can't make it guys. The wife is ready to deliver our baby any time now and it can happen this week even so I won't be able to attend.

See you guys at the next meet!

I hope you all have fun
Another event came to a successful close today at Formula Kartways Brampton. Special thanks goes out to Rhead - GM, and Jose - Head Coordinator for the afternoon. The service provided by the crew was top notch and kept our event running smoothly. We had a total of 21 drivers and I would say the facility and staff's organization exceeded most of our expectations. Some had already requested a repeat later in the season. There were plenty of competitive racing and of course friendly rubbing but overall very clean races. We only witnessed one black flag and that honor goes to the gentleman in the Ayton Senna helmet. To those who missed the event, here is a recap of the afternoon.

The group enjoy a quick slice of pizza at the Pre qualifying drivers meet.


At the paddock waiting for qualifying to commence


Action during qualifying. Sorry for the bad phone pic


Post qualifying and finding out who own the fastest lap. Unfortunately it was a friend of a member. Second fastest qualifier honor (and bragging rights) goes to Daria!!


Going through rules for endurance racing. Seven well balanced teams of 3s were formed led by the 7 top qualifiers to ensure a competitive race. Each driver races for 15 laps follow by driver change. We did this twice for a total of 90 laps.


Seven cars at the starting grid


Post race debrief. Only one of us broke 26 sec during the race. Congratulations to Craig of BMW Parkview.


Surprisingly the winning team did not own the fastest lap but rather a smooth technical group of drivers drove a competitive race and took home the checker flag. Congratulations to Sean Firth's team (with Jeff and Tom).

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Is it just me or is everyone's shoulders or more specifically rotator cuffs are sore today? I can hardly lift my arms up this morning. Just didn't realize I am in such poor physical shape. Oh well. You guys??
No not yet, we had a false alarm Jen went to the hospital but no it wasn't time yet. I'm really hoping this week! Very excited to meet the new member to the family