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NSXCC Annual summer cruise & lunch - Sunday July 28, 2013

6 February 2008
Dundas, On
Here we go again guys; our latest annual summer cruise is going to be held on Sunday July 28.
As with the last couple years, we are going to be having a cruise in the Niagara peninsula, ending in scenic Niagara - on - the - Lake.

We will be starting our cruise in Burlington, heading through Waterdown, Flamborough, Hamilton, the upper escarpment, having a tunnel run!:eek: and ending up at the historic Pillar and Post hotel for lunch at the Cannery Restaurant.

The drive will be between 90 minutes and two hours going through some very scenic roads that I don't think we've ever travelled as a group.


Our gathering point will be the Williams Coffee Pub at 1250 Brant Street in Burlington. This is conveniently located seconds from the 403/QEW, minutes from the 407 and a scant 15-20 minutes from the 401. It's located at 1250 Brant Street, Burlington, Ontario; so you can either google it, or I can send directions to you.

We plan on getting together about 9:30a.m. then we'll have some coffee, socialize and depart no later than 10:30a.m. After this we will drive for about an hour, stop to rest our legs and continue on to our destination.

Lunch will be at "The Cannery" at the Pillar and post which will be an amazing select menu. It is very reasonably priced with excellent service. The nice part about this venue is the proximity to downtown Niagara - on - the - Lake being a short 5 minute walk and ample parking available in their own private lot. I am working with management on a secured area so we can all park together. After lunch you can spend as much time in NOTL as you wish.

For our cruise, we recommend to bring along a (or a set of) GMRS/FRS radio. This will make your cruise experience more fun and it minimizes your chance of getting lost. You can pick up any of the brands listed here: Cobra, Motorola, Uniden, Midland at Future Shop, Best Buy, the Source, Wal-Mart, Costco, Bass Pro Shop. Just make sure they are GMRS/FRS compatible radios. We would recommend investing in a set with longer range (35km+) for future cruise/events use.

You must join us! Just look at all the fun we've had on previous cruises.


Here's the tunnel run.


This particular video was chosen to shame all of the ex-owner/current members who have moved to the dark side into joining us.

Sign up right here:

1) Sean and Patti
2) Bram and Nancy
3) Bruno and Jen (pchpleno)
4) Owen (Joy2drive)
5) Dave +1 (Bruni911)
6) Chris + 1 (AluminumDream)
7) Russ + 1 (8400RPM)
8) Shawn C +1 (Coolberg)
9) Riccardo and Christina (BTRTHNSX)
10) Sean B. (Butter78)
11) Vincent Chang (Vincent C.)
12) Sliqq
13) Andre M.


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Not bad, 6 cars and counting. I know we can make this one of the most epic events of the year though guys.
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argh, id love to bring the p-car to this one, but i'll be working about 30+ hours friday/sat..... and sunday looks to be my fathers in law's big bday party at my place.

you guys have a great time!!!!!
We're only 11 days away from one of the best events of the year! If you haven't signed up yet, I don't know what you're waiting for.

Historically, the week of this event is the driest and hottest week of the year, so what better excuse to come out and enjoy our cars for the morning.
Just over a week to go and we have almost 10 cars signed up!

This is going to be one of the best cruises in a long time, with nice twistes, some high speed highway shenanigans and a tunnel run.

Don't miss out guys!
We're only three days away from the event now! I'm doing a final recon of the route tonight and needles to say, I think it's going to be awesome.

For those of you sitting on the fence still, doesn't that hurt? Jump off and come join us for a great cruise an awesome lunch and a generally spectacular day.

We have been able to secure parking at the restaurant for as many cars as we need in our own little section.

As Owen said, the weather is going to be fantastic, and I can't wait to see you all!
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Going to try to make it out on Sunday. I have plans in the afternoon so might have to cut my cruise short and take off at the first break.
We have finalized the brunch with the Cannery, and the brunch is going to be amazing.

The price is $28.00 + tax + tip, which totals $36.39 per person. The restaurant has since waived the requirement for the deposit so everyone can enjoy themselves to their hearts content. Any alcohol will be obviously on top of the aforementioned total.


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Bash was always a good sport to leave his wife home and make me his +1 for the last few years :biggrin: , but since I just got one of those, I will be making my first appearance as a driver this time around.
Count me in!
I drove the route last night, and the run down is as follows:

1 stop at Balls Falls, which is just over half way. They have washrooms and a gorgeous waterfall to see.
the now infamous tunnel run
2 hour cruise time.

It's going to be amazing!

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Hey guys, I will be in the ITR. Carlotta and Titan want to come this time. Is it $36.39 for a 5 year old picky eater too?