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NSXCC Annual summer cruise & lunch - Sunday July 28, 2013

Been driving for almost an hour! Enroute...see you all soon. Any idea how many NSX's confirmed?

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Had a great day and the cruise was fun thanks guys! Nice seeing everyone that came.

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Absolutely fantastic time. Being the first outing with my family this season (in a Valencia Orange rental), I didn't know what to expect (Aside from navigator getting some of us lost). The cruise was simply outstanding and I can't believe the number of hairpins we drove through (have to start hosting Sunday coffee/cruises in the west end). The view from the escarpment was just breathtaking. Too bad we didn't have enough time to see Ball's falls but that just gives me an excuse for a return trip. Reserved parking at P&P was a nice touch and lunch was more than adequate for our group.

Sean, thanks for a lovely first event. I must say as "retiring" Secretary, I did absolutely nothing to help with planning this event. To be fair, I think most of us took the backseat and gave you the freedom to plan this one out, and the event turned out perfect. I would say the executive team is now that much stronger with you in the mix and I am totalled psyched about future events.

Great job Sean!!
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Great Job Sean, We had a ball on the cruise, and the route was an excellent choose. We had 14 cars that came out, some Folks drove for two hours to take part in this cruise, and I'm sure they had a great time as well.

First one under your belt...Excellent

Anyway, waiting for the Video.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

It was a blast for me as well, from the planning to execution, it was wonderful. As the first time I've led a cruise of my own planning, I think I chewed my fingernails right off throughout the day, but it the end it was all worth it.
Sean, thanks for the great cruise.
Bruno, thanks for the nice video.
Everyone, thanks for the fun time.

NSX, thanks for the fantastic experience. (car wash time !)
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