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NSXPO 2001 Highlights

4 February 2000
Chicago IL
Now that NSXPO 2001 is over, here are some of the things that I'll remember most, presented in chronological order:

- the cool, crisp, perfect October weather

- the good feelings at the reception at RealTime Racing

- the beautiful setting at the Osthoff

- the well-behaved NSX drivers on the drive through the rolling hills to the EAA Museum in Oshkosh

- the detour through Fond du Lac

- having lunch in the middle of the museum, surrounded by airplanes

- the professional photos taken at a distance at the museum, that made each NSX look like it was directly in front of an airplane

- the parking garage at the American Club, full of NSX's

- asking a room of 120 NSXers and wives how many had flown an airplane, and seeing 30 hands go up

- David Hobbs' after-dinner speech, so colorful and off-colorful

- talking about Road America during the Friday seminar, before actually driving it

- Miled Salheb's speech, after accepting a service award from the club, describing his work cleaning up at the World Trade Center site (THE most memorable highlight)

- Troy Thirdgill's funny stand-up comedy routine

- the only heavy rain we saw all weekend, when leaving dinner at Bruce's

- the hard work by John Vasos and his folks from Acura of Brookfield at the track (it seems they worked on just about EVERYONE's car, making sure it could keep driving on the track and on the way home)

- the gorgeous setting of Road America during fall foliage season

- the fun that everyone had at the track

- raising $2000 for the American Red Cross through donations for rides with Peter Cunningham and the RealTime Racing crew

- our safety record at the track - only one car incurred slight damage in a slow-speed incident, a record any of the groups who run at that track would be proud of. At the end of the event, one of Road America's professional corner workers came up to me and said, "You guys are the safest group I can remember in a long time."

- last, but not least, all the incredible NSX people I had a chance to spend time with. Thanks to all for your participation and camaraderie.

See you in Texas at NSXPO 2002!

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Originally posted by nsxtasy:
Now that NSXPO 2001 is over, here are some of the things that I'll remember most, presented in chronological order:

Here are mine:

Turn 3 to 5
The kink to 12
Turn 14 ---to--- 1

I think my best memory was how nice and helpful everyone was at the entire event. You couldn't start up a conversation with anyone without thinking how great it is to be associated with all of these people! I have been to events for Ferrari and Porsche and I can honestly say that I have never met a better group.

The ride with Peter Cunningham was pretty awesome too!

The caravan out and back was great! Thanks Dano for getting me a radio, it would of sucked without being able to talk to all of the other NSX drivers.

It was great putting faces together with all of the names, thanks for having such a great event!
My Top 10

10. NSX wheel time (13 hours back to Tulsa in one day!)

9. Simulator time at Osh Kosh. Can you say "barrel roll"?

8. Concourse, Concourse, Concourse

7. Seeing all the variations among this group of NSX's

6. All the stuff I took home. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Vests...

5. The Southwest Group... ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!

4. Seeing The RealTime Racing NSX up close, and personal (I can actually be seen in one of Lud's photos)

3. Putting faces with names, You know who you are, I may have talked your ear off (sorry).

2. David Hobbs. What a great story teller! An excellent choice for an after dinner speaker.

1. Quality time with my Dad, whom I see far too infrequently.

I had a great time, next time I will be staying for the track event, and the list will be a top TWENTY!

Phil Glorioso

One NSXPO down... more to come!

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