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NY Auto Show pics

I think sneal is a type of fish....probably saltwater :biggrin:

Thanks for the auto show pictures, that Porsche GT is impressive as always....
Im going on Wednesday anyone else going then too?
Am I the only one who finds the discrepancy between the classic, good looks of the vintage BMW's that are exhibited at the show and the ugly, overwrought mess that Bangle has created?

Not to get on my soapbox but they've killed that company, IMO. I don't care how well the new M5 drives and how fast it is, etc. it's still but ugly and I fail to see how anyone can be truly passionate about an ugly car.

That Lexus... well, that's a different story. Toyota/Lexus needs to build that car.
RPM217 said:
Alright Bailey, I'll bite, what is a "sneal peek" is it some kind of transvestite food stuff? :confused:

Sorry ...it was a typo due to the time of day I was posting at. By the way there is no HSC there as of yet unless they sneal it in tonight....lol :biggrin: