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Oem 15/16 track rims and tires

23 July 2003
Seattle, WA.
Hi all, I know that there will be a few of you driving cross country attending the nsxpo 08.

Between me, my cousin and closed freind of mine, we had 5 sets of oem size rims and tires laying around collecting dust and taking up space..

Just a thought, I know that some of you do track your car in 15/16 size taking Ken Sax's advice. But then if you have companion for the nsxpo social events, driving to the nsxpo with extra 4 tires in car won't be an option.
Espeicially those who had track your nsx with R compound, you sure not impressed with the street tires performance, plus, you would't want to wear your street bling wheels and tires as you need to drive your car back home too.

I'm just wondering that if any of you will be interested in taking my extras wheels and used them for the nsxpo track days?? If you have some track tires laying around, you could send them in and I mount them up for you??
It will be your wheels after purchase, I merely offering "dropped shipped" to nsxpo Pacific Raceways. :tongue: I would gladly help you shipping the wheels back to your home if you decided to keep them as your expense.

I'm not looking into making money here, but merely making a few more freinds, (which is all nsxpo about right? ) while at the same time getting rid of junk wheels, so my wife stopped counting and complaining to her friend how her husband have 15 set of wheels laying around the house.

Please PM me if you are interested.

on top of my head, there should be 2 sets of chrome, 2 sets of bronze and 1 gun metal.
I have way too many 15/16 tires, new or almost new (full tread depth). Now that I'm driving less I doubt I will use them all myself. If you're passing through the SF bay area on the way to Portland and you want some tires, let me know. I suppose I can check two of them as luggage on my flight into Portland.