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OEM Keyless entry Remote (93)

22 October 2004
Seattle, WA
Well...accidentally threw my only remote into the wash yesterday.

Called two Acura dealerships, and they don't sell it anymore (without the entire unit).

I've read various posts on this issue (91,92 are not programmable, 94+ can be programmed...http://home.san.rr.com/dgaetano/dgaetano.net/NSX/Keyless/Keyless.htm).

What about 93 oem units? Will the instructions above work for a 93 (assuming I can find a used remote)?

My other option is to go with an aftermarket keyless entry/alarm...but I'd prefer just to find another remote and reprogram it.
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after opening the remote up...drying it...and letting it sit for 1.5 weeks...the remote is working fine now. :eek: :smile:
I have a dead remote (only remote) and would like to know my options as well.
I have a 96.

Should I just order a new keyless entry kit and change the old one out thus giving me 2 remotes? Go with an aftermarket alarm? Do most alarm places know how to disable the factory or get the aftermarket alarm working with it? Can I purchase remotes individually and get them programmed?

Figured the thread already exists so Ill just throw all my questions out here

Anyone know a GOOD alarm shop in the bay area?
Okay just got off the phone with a local acura dealership and they want $500+ for the keyless entry package.

F that!!! Reading the FAQ it appears I should be paying closer to $200. Can anyone recommend a dealer to call for a better price?


nevermind it appears there are two keyless entry packages...with one being a newer revised system. Went to delray acuras website and purchased the older one and it came out to $190 after shipping woohoo!!!

Cant wait to use the remotes. Thanks guys

well after reading the forum more and figuring out that the older part might not work I started to get worried....and then delray acura called to tell me they dont have the part anyways so phew good thing I guess.

But that leaves me back at square one.
anyone know a good alarm shop in the bay area...hopefully south bay.
The only concern I have is that they wont be able to figure out how to disable the factory alarm or somehow botch the install.

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