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Interior OEM Radio's (Head Unit)


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26 July 2002
Dunbarton, New Hampshire
Hi -
I have 2 OEM Radios that I am selling as I just purchased a "Brand New One".
1. Radio (#1 on the left) brand new - not for sale.
2. Radio (#2 in the middle) left channel volume is very low - needs to be repaired, I just got it back from Willimans but needs more work to correct - original out of my 1992
3. Radio (#3 on the right) when you turn the volume knob there is static but then sounds OK - I would repair this unit - I just purchased this off of prime member hoping it was OK but it is not.

I shopped around looking for used OEM Acura Radios on the net and found a few...prices range quite a bit - Acura sells new ones for about $2400, Salvage yards are getting $1000, EBAY had one for sale for $850, NSX Prime has ones for sale as low as $200 didn't last very long (so this is where I am starting my pricing from)
Now I dont wont to start a fire storm of "I can get one for "X""

So here goes the $$
Radio # 2 - Sell for $200
Radio # 3 - sell for $300
If you dont want to spend this amount that's OK - dont buy either one.
I will have these for about 1 week - after that I am sending them both off to Alpine to get fixed and the price will reflect the repair costs.




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