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17 February 2014
Fairfield, CA
Sold for $200 on facebook.

Pulled from my 91. When I bought the car in 2014, the radio was not working. When I turned it on, the lights came on, as well as the screen, but no sound was coming from the speakers. Not even the popping noise that other owners report. When I removed the radio, it looked like someone had tried to repair the issue by cutting and splicing wires on the radio harness. I'm not entirely sure if the radio actually works or not. I do not plan on fixing it as I completely bypassed it with an amp and a bluetooth receiver. The buttons don't stick. The volume, tune, balance, bass, and treble knobs turn without any issues. Unfortunately, my only reference for estimated value is one used radio for sale on eBay from Lithuania for $2800. Also, Mita has a brand new radio for $2700, not including shipping and customs fees. If my price is too high, please feel free to let me know, and I will adjust the price accordingly. With that said, I am open to cash offers ONLY, NO TRADES. I have the radio packaged and ready to ship within one business day. Message me your zip code, and I will get you a shipping estimate. I take PayPal plus 3% (preferred method for safety reasons), cashapp, or venmo.


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Fully working used radios usually sell for $1000-1500 FYI. Might be worth sending off to Brian K to see if it can be repaired.
I asked Brian if can repair it a few weeks ago, but he said he does not repair them. I also considered sending it to willmans, but it may go out of warranty if it does not sell within the warranty period. I will adjust the price. Thanks for the info @MotorMouth93, I appreciate it!
Non working it’s probably not worth much. Especially if it’s got an attempted repair on it already. I always wanted to attempt gutting one and installing aftermarket controls in a stock units place. They could be repaired while adding Amp inputs and and Bluetooth while still looking completely stock. If you don’t sell it LMK I might grab it off you for a project.