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OEM Side Skirt clips?

30 October 2000
Houston, TX
My body shop removed my OEM sides and then I put on my ww sides a while back, so I'm not sure how this works, but are there clips that hold the stock side skirts in? Do these clips stay fastened to the body once the OEM sides were removed? I don't see any clips on my stock sides and I can't tell by looking at my car since I still have the ww sides on. Someone please, enlighten me? :D

- Z
Hey Z,

the clips I believe are removed. I removed mine prior to install of the WW sides. Did this to prevent losing them since they weren't being used. If your body shop removed them and you don't have them, your probably thinking this, but I would go back to see if they have them laying around somewhere if they didn't throw them away.

I doubt they still have them. This was a while ago... :(

I'm thinking on removing my kit and slightly raising the NSX back up with Eibachs. I want it to be more comfortable so I can drive it more often. :tongue:

Thanks guys,
- Z