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OEM size tires

15 December 2012
Washington State
I am having a hard time finding OEM size tires for my 2003. Only a few choices out there. Not looking for super sticky that only lasts a couple thousand miles. Currently have Continental Extreme Contact DW, but no longer available for front tire size. Any suggestions?
Drop the front tire cross section from 215 to 205 and do a search on Tire Rack. It will open up some additional possibilities in the ultra high performance category which have reasonable UTQG ratings. You will find that modern 205 profile tires have almost the same tread width as older 215 profile tires. You can check the rolling radius or revolutions per mile in the tire specifications to find out whether the change is likely to cause a ABS / TCS error to occur.
I had the same problem when I was looking for OEM size for my 2004. Go look at Yokohama. They are about the only ones left with OEM sizes. I didn't want/need the ultra sticky tires either, so I ended up buying the Yokohama FLEVA V701.
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I just bought some Yokohama Advan V107 Fleva in 215/40/17 and 255/40/17. It's a discontinued tire but there's still plenty of backstock. Discount Tire can get it.