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OFFSET question

Check Dali Racing website. They have choice of wheels with suitable offset for NSX.
I would try to avoid running any spacers at all. I would go at least 17x7.5 and 18x9.5 with around +40 offset. IF you ever want to do a BBk you have to run a 17x8 up front with a +38 Offset at least. Remember higher the number the more your wheel will tuck and will rpobably have to use a spacer. The lower the number the more it will stick out. IMO i think its better to have to more flush then tucked. Its up to you though.
17x7 front, go with ET=~30 (it would be better if you can get 17x7.5 ET=35 or 17x8 ET=40).
17x9 rear, go with ET=~30 too.
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