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Oil Pressure Gauge

24 April 2000
Bay Area, CA
My '91's oil pressure gauge seems to be a bit confused... at times it ranges from 3 or so at idle up to 7 or so at high rpm.... and at times the range drops to 0 at idle and 4 at high rpm.

Of course it always goes back to the 3-7 range eventually...so I assume it's a connection or the gauge or the sending unit or something...

Any of you had experience with this one ?? Looking for ideas on where to start looking... can anyone point me in the direction of the oil pressure sensor/sending unit... so I can check it out first ??

Thanks !
It's common for the gauge to read close to zero at idle.

It's also normal for the pressure to go up to 6+ at higher RPM, then drop as the RPMs go even higher and the high-performance cam profile is engaged by the VTEC system. If you stay in this state the pressure will drop a couple markers on the gauge.