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OK... who is right on model of Whipple Supercharger... please assist.

7 February 2001
I am confused and need some clarification. I just won a bid on ebay for a 2.3L Whipple unit. According to both this FAQ and a number of other (like nsxhelp), it states that the 2.3L (2300AX) model is used for Comptech's kit.

However, when I contact Whipple they tell me that it's the 1.6L model that is used. I then called Comptech and they also told me the 1.6L model is used.

Is there a mistake in all the FAQs? Am I missing something. I am not going to buy a unit that is the wrong model. I went by the info in the FAQs that says 2.3L which is what I bid on, but now Comptech and Whipple say 1.6L. What's going on?
I just looked under the cover and it's not apparent from the exterior of the S/C unit what particular model number is used by CT. If the exterior dimensions are different between the two units, it would be a simple matter of measuring the CT one...
The bigger challenge is instaling the Whipple.

You say that Larry has some spare intake manifolds laying around. Clarification - spare OEM manifolds are not the same as the intake manifold the Whipple mounts on.

Then there are other pieces - reverse spinning alternator, alternator bracket, pulley assembly, bypass valve, fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump voltage increaser, wire harness extension, etc. Me thinks you have quite a chore on your hands, regardless of what part number you bid on.

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I understand the parts involved in installing the unit as I watched a number of them. I was actually referring to spare manifolds that Comptech uses on their kit being available, not the stock manifold. I just saw one done last night.

I was just wondering how all of the FAQs could have had misinformation. My real question to Larry will be whether or not the 2.3L unit will fit on the comptech manifold.
If not then I will decline. He already has another bidder dying to get it as well for something else.
I just measured mine against the dimensions on Whipple’s website and it is a 1.6L. The 2.3L is almost 2.5 inches longer. Hope this helps.

I know that CT went for the smaller Whipple unit, because they engineered their kit just for 5-7 PSI on a stock block, and that they could have gone for a larger unit that would have allowed for higher boost levels for a built motor with the right pulley. You could verify the bolt pattern and inlet size then use that larger blower but with a bigger diameter pulley to get the same boost levels. Once you get it tuned and set up properly, you would probably wind up with better dyno readings than a regular CT kit because with all other things remaining the same, the bigger blower will run cooler and more efficiently than the smaller one. IMHO however, unless Larry really has the rest of the parts laying around his shop, you'd still be better off just buying a complete kit, rather than re-inventing the wheel. The labor costs alone for the R&D required would likely obviate any savings you'd be getting from buying the blower off of Ebay. If you are sure you want to through with this, I may be selling my Honda JDM big injectors off my car (the ones that come with the GM SC and the CT "9 PSI" upgrade), so private me if interested.


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Thanks for the info. I will keep you posted on the injectors if I end up using the unit. I am sure that he has all the parts I need. I was at the shop Sunday night for that reason. There is no way I would ever try to duplicate what Comptech did.

If it was just a matter of tuning the bigger blower and changing pulleys I would go for it. My worry is if the physical unit is longer in overall length, it will not fit onto the custom manifold and snout Comptech uses for the 1.6L. Then I'm SOL.

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I need your expertise on this one guys. I'm not reading the measurements on Whipple's website properly.

I just spoke to the seller again and he is not positive it is the 2.3L. Someone told him that and he just assumed. When he bought it, the person from Whipple said it was the exact same model used on the NSX.

Now, I have enough data to make a conclusion. The problem is that I am not reading the data properly.

The link below has extensive measurements on
the unit for sale. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1807209176

Now the link below from whipple has detailed diagrams with measurements. http://www.whipplesuperchargers.com/sc_available.html

If you click on 'larger view' under the 2300AX and 1600AX models it has specific measurements for them.

If I compare these measurements to what is on the seller's site, I will know whether he is selling the 1.6L or 2.3L. Problem is, I am just not reading the numbers on the whipple site properly and coming up with incorrect sizes.

This may all be extra headaches when he in fact has the 1.6 I need. Can someone come up with the overall length of the 2300AX and 1600AX from the diagrams. My numbers aren't adding up.
OK, my numbers weren't adding up because whipple had a mistake on the 1600AX model.
The 2300AX comes out to be 13.578 inches in length.
The 1600AX is 10.9 inches (accounting for the error- 10.5mm=4.13in... not 2.67in).

The ebay auction has the unit at about 14in in length. If my measurements are correct, that would make the unit for sale a 2.3L.
Unfortunately, am I right?

I may call whipple tomorrow and see if they are willing to help. I'm hoping my numbers are off somewhere.

What was the overall length of your supercharger without the drive length? Is it around 13.5 inches or closer to 11in?

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I measured from the center of the bolthole to the inlet end of the supercharger. The 1.6L should measure 7.2 inches and the 2.3L measures 9.72 inches. My measurement was a little crude because it is on the car, but measured about 7 ¼ inches.

The Ebay auction shows a height of 5 ¾ inches and length of 14 inches.
Again the Whipple website shows:
Size Height Length
1.6L 5.3 inches 9.7 inches
2.3L 5.7 inches 13.4 inches

It is hard to imagine that his measurements are so far off that this is a 1.6L. It has to be the 2.3L

Sorry for the bad news.

Thanks for the info.

I am making once last effort to insure we are not mistaken. I am having him get me the serial# from the back of the unit.
I spoke to someone at whipple and they said they could give me the exact model if they the serial number. I'll know soon.

Thanks for all your help guys. From the measurements it does seem like he can't have the 1.6L.

Can you change the FAQ when you have some free time? I just assumed it was correct and it almost cost me. I do a lot of research up front so I was lucky to catch it.

Also, for clarification, I spoke to Whipple and they said the 1600A model is used for the NSX, not the 1600AX.

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OK, I have my answer after getting whipple the number. It's a 2.3A model, not what I need.
I didn't lose any money on the deal.
Just not going to have a supercharger.
oh well....

If anything came out of this, at least we can change the FAQ to be accurate and we know more about the specifics of the blower used on the NSX.

Actually, I have to stop calling it forced induction from now on. According to Larry, Comptech's setup is not forced induction, but integrated induction. It doesn't force air in through the intake manifold, but is integrated into the motor.

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