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Open Track Challenge Group/Caravan

7 February 2001
I've been thinking about this for some time and want to throw out an idea.

I will not be participating in the OTC event, but I will be watching all the events. I think it will be very exciting to watch the entire event, see every track, and have a great week in the process.

Since I'm in Los Angeles, there is no way I can miss this!

Is there anyone else going or participating in the OTC here in LA that would like to join me?

I'd like to put a group together of individuals who want to travel with the pack and see all the racing. The more of us there are... the cheaper the hotel rooms will be.

Although I will know some of the participants, it may get a bit boring sitting around all day alone. So what do you think of putting together an NSX CARAVAN?

Who in LA could get the entire week off? It would be a great opportunity to see the tracks, watch some great drivers, and cheer on Doug and the rest of the drivers from the NSX community.

I am questioning whether I would do a whole week alone and driving the long miles myself, footing the full bill for every hotel stay. Doing this as a group and splitting the hotel fare between a few people could make this a cheap and awesome vacation.

Any takers here in Los Angeles? I would like to put something together if we can get a few people. A full week of racing, hanging out and seeing the tracks with fellow NSXers sounds like it could be a blast!
Yes!! We'd love to have some NSX'ers along to Cheer Mike and I in our Miata. (Yes we DO own NSX's...)
We've found several sponsor's and it looks like we may be able to field a formidable entry.
Maybe we can all stay in the same hotel to help us cut our costs as well!!

In any case I'm definitely up for something like this. ALso, we are still looking for donations to our OTC effort. Anything helps!! We're still looking for a matching set of Nomex suits also..or maybe not even matching one's.

I look forward to seeing you guys in LA and hope we make a good showing!!

Go Team Psychic Friends Network!!!!

Edo - Call me. I want your big brake kit.

bryan, I don't have your number for some reason...I KNOW I had it..where did it go??
Private me your number and I'll call whenever you want.

Is it ok if its not available until after the Audi track day?
Also, do you have wheels to clear the brake's? Most wheels will not. I don't think those Momo Arrow's you have will clear them..
Yes, Eddie is right, there will be quite a few NSX-ers (in Miata guise and otherwise) at the OTC throughout. We should definitely see if there is enough of a contingent to caravan from track to track and share hotel expenses. For those of us in Touring classes that have to drive from track to track, getting a chance to caravan would definitely be fun!

Anyone else on the forum that is thinking about going (tracking, spectating, or otherwise?)


Go Team Psychic Friends Network!!!!
(sponsors definitely needed)