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Opinions-3 spoke rims on an NSX>>

4 May 2000
Edmond, Oklahoma, US
I don't want to start a flame by any means. This is my opinion and my opinion only. I'm curious to see what other people think about 3 spoke rims on an NSX. Living in the south (Oklahoma/Texas area) I see a lot of 'Riceboy cars' w/ 3 spoke rims. They are the only cars I've seen w/ these type of rims. I found the link to THE Riceboy page off of Doug Hayashi's NSXfiles.com web site. riceboypage.com I posted these images which I found there. I think 3 spoke rims are some of the tackiest rims you could possibly buy. These are the cars I think of when I think of 3 spoke rims and the type of cars I see in the area w/ them...For any NSX owner reading this that might have 3 spoke rims, I'm sorry, and remember this is my opinion only.




What do you guys think?
+To each his own?
+Do 3 spokes have a place on an NSX?


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I personally think they are hideous! especially on those pix u posted... i mean buy'em if you like'em...but i sure wouldn't put them on my NSX...i have Momo Arrow's on mine.. 17" in front 18" in back...

No flames from me but IMO they are rims for people in the ghettos that can't afford better rims then that.....I'm sorry, I dont' want to offend anybody, but the only people I see rolling on those rims around here is hispanic guys with little nissan's or something...
as if it isn't already obvious...... Every time I see these wheels on a car like the NSX, I want to hunt down the owner and 'smack' him one right in the squash. My God, these are the cheapest, ugliest junk ever invented.........ahem.

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THANK YOU!!! I think they are hideous as well. I noticed an NSX w/ these 3 spoke rims on one of the NSXPO videos which I downloaded off the net. Think it was a red NSX w/ them. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one that thought these were ghetto.

yes, tacky...on ANY car, but especially on expensive machines like the NSX.

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I think it all depends on which 3 spokes you are buying. The new Advan Gen II 3 spoke wheels will look awesome on NSX and it's also one of the lightest wheels you can get. However, those chrome wheels you've posted do look UGLY on any car.
It's a no brainer. They're ugly.

I'd find it hard to believe that any three spoke would look good.

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