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Opinions on Tire Sizes & iforged wheels

9 September 2007
Chicago Burbs
I will be ordering a set of iforged aero's (hypergunmetal) as soon as I pick up my NSX (hopefully in the next few weeks). Sizes will be 18x8 and 19x10 3 piece. I was originally thinking of going with 225/35/18 and 265/30/19, however iforged is recommending 215/35/18 and 275/30/19. I definitely respect their recommendations, but I'm just wondering what ppl think of these sizes and setup? As you may know, iforged does not supply their offsets, but they said this setup should work and I will be flush with the fenders. Anyone have iforged here and did anything different as far as tire sizes? thanks
I currently have iforge 18x8/19x10 also. I also have the sizes iforge recommends. I did though have 225's on the front and they did rub slightly when I turn left or right, and I am not lowered yet, stock height still. I did switch to 215's.
I've had 18x8" wheels and 19x10" wheels and the tire sizes that IForged recommends are correct. 215/35/18 and 275/30/19 are the correct sizes to use for 18/19" tire combinations for the NSX in terms of clearance and in terms of having no TCS issues (these tires sizes fit better on 18x7.5" and 19x9.5" wheels, however).

Unfortunately, the 225/35/18 tire is too tall/wide for the NSX. Don't forget that not only is a 225/35 tire wider, but it's also taller than a 215/35 (I think a lot of people forget that fact).

In terms of offsets, they should be a +38 for the Front (on an 18x8) and +35 (on a 19x10) for the rear on a stock bodied NSX. Those will sit pretty flush with minimal/no tire rub.