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Ortega Hwy/Palm Springs Drive on 5/20

20 February 2000
Irvine, CA, USA
Hi Folks,

Just got home from the dinner with over 20 NSX owners and got all fired up about the Ortega Hwy/Palm Springs drive that a few of us has been talking about for a couple of months now.

OK, here is the deal... May 30th Saturday. We are going to have a 2 parts drive that starts from Irvine Starbucks coffee at 8:00 am. All LA county/Northern OC folks can meet up there. At 8:10, we'll meet up with the Southern OC/San Diego group in Dana point. Jason Hough, can you pick a place in Dana Point?

Part 1: (the executive/married men version)
At 8:45, we'll head out on Ortega Hwy to Lake Elsinore. It should be a relatively short drive... 1 hour tops? Then turn around and head home afterward.

This is good for getting things out of your system and yet still have time to head home for lunch and spend some quality time with your love ones or your remote. Whatever turns you on.

Part 2: (the hardcore/single and swinging version)
This group will wave the first group goodbye and really start crank up the pace a notch and start having some fun. We'll drive to Palm Springs and have late lunch there. Can someone suggest a restuarant that can have reserved parking to accomodate and show case our beautiful automobiles? After lunch, Alex suggested a nice route just outside of Palm springs. After that, we'll hop on the freeway and head back into town. By the time we get back, it should still be plenty bright out.

To make it a success and safe event, we need the following:
1> Jason needs to pick a meeting place in Dana point.
2> We need to pick a final destination for the first group. Jason?
3> Someone need to recommend a restaurant for us in Palm Springs.
4> It would be a lot more fun and safer to have a club radio. H Krant from Sacramento may have a couple left. Or you can still get the Motorola MU21CV 2 watts with the yellow dot should work:

Motorola has a new 1 watt Spirit GT+ UHF model also.

Could some of the radio experts double check whether these two support the 464.55 Hz frequency? And where we can buy them cheap? These model numbers are not mentioned in the FAQ.

Please let me know if you can make it. I try to keep it an NSX event only. I'm only posting it on the list and the NSX prime site. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. thanks!

Chris Wong
'91 Silver/Black
Irvine, CA

P.S. Peter, the drive home was fun. I think we spent no more than 5 minutes on 405 from Warner to Culver. When I got home, I saw my Comptech exhaust waiting for me patiently in the box. I just need the headers to complete the setup. Can't wait!
Yo..... I may be interested in the longer drive to Plam Springs, but May 30 is not a Saturday, it's a Tuesday. Do you mean May 27, the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend? RSVP.
You are so right. It passed my bed time when I type the last email.

The correct date is the 20th (Saturday). 9 Days from now and on the weekend before the memorial weekend madness.

Hope you are available that date.

Hi folks,

Hopefully the weather coorporate on Saturday. Please email me if you are interested in going. So far I have the confirmation of the following persons:

Dave Goward (red/blk) since he has been through this route, Dave'll lead, right?
Claus Krote (Kaiser Silver/Blk)
Peter Yee (Blk/Blk)
Ed Avila (Red/Blk)
Jason Hough (Red/Blk)
Jay Hong (Red/Blk)
Dan Vogt (Blk/Blk)
Me (Sil/Blk)
NSXY from Del Mar (from the NSX Prime forum)
Alex may be
you name here!!!

Here are some more details on the meeting places.

1> 1st Meeting place: Starbucks in Irvine at 8:00 am. We'll wait for 10 minutes and start heading out to the second meeting place.

Starbucks Coffee
3397 Irvine Blvd.

Cross street: Culver Dr./Irvine Blvd. (one block north of Bryan)

Direction: exit on Culver Dr. either from 5 or 405 and head North/East
towards the mountains, away from the beach. Make a left on Ivine Blvd(Not
Irvine Center Dr!!!!) and make an immediate right into the parking lot.

Landmark: It is in the Albertsons complex on the North corner of the Culver
Dr. and Irvine Blvd.

If you get lost, you can call my portable phone at (626)641-2523

2> 2nd meeting place: Parking lot for small strip mall just off Ortega Hwy 74 and I-5 at 8:45 am. We'll start our journey at 9:00 sharp.

Exit the 5 at Ortega Hwy (74) and head east about 1/4 mile.
Turn RIGHT on Rancho Viejo, and an immediate LEFT into the parking lot.
It's a little strip mall. There's a convenience store where people can
get water, batteries, whatever. I'd recommend gasing up at the Chevron on
the corner of the 5 and 74.

3> End of the first leg:
Following was from Jason Hough's scotting trip last weekend.....
"From there we will get on the 74 for a nice 30 mile drive to Lake Elsinore.
The road seems fine, I think we'll have no problems. Note: This road is a
narrow, two-lane twisty moutain road. I know we can all handle driving at
speed, but people coming the other way may not be so skilled, so I think we
should take it easy (at least, I will...). Several times on my drive today
a couple people coming the otherway drifted slightly into my lane on the
curves. My advice: hug the right side of the curves and stay alert.
The 74 will finally hit a T-intersection.
We'll go LEFT which is actually still the 74.
The Road will veer around slowly to the right (note: it changes names
during this slow turn - we'll stay on the main road which is still the 74
despite now being call Riverside Dr.)
About 1 mile down on the right hand side is a "Jack in the Box" ...We'll pull in there, take a potty break, grab a
soda or something. This is where we can split up for those not continuing
on to Palm Springs."

4> Final destination:
Jason continues...
"From the Jack in the Box we'll get back on the 74 for about 2 hours out to
Palm Springs. This is where my scouting mission ended so I dont know for
sure how long that leg of the trip is, but my map makes it look like about
80 miles. If people would rather not spend the entire drive on backroads
that we havent scouted, we could also take the 74 about 15 miles to the
215, then head up the 215 to the 10 and out to Palm Springs that way."

5> On our way back:

Jason suggested....
"I'd suggest that we take the freeway back from palm springs. 10 > 60 > 91> 5 is the route my map shows."

Restaurant suggestion....again from Jason:
"my favorite Pizza/Pasta places out there (california type pizza):
Sammy's Woodfired Pizza, 73-595 El Paseo Drive, 836-0500"

Let's make it a fun and safe run!

Chris Wong
'91 Silver/Black
Irvine, CA
office # (714)438-2747

This sucks, Larry Garcia will have my car until next Monday or Tuesday.
(water pump + some minor brake work).