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Owner from Hong Kong looking for high-perf driving school near Vancouver


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3 February 2000
Can anyone help this fine gentleman get set up with a high performance driving school?

Hi there,

I am one of the NSX owner in Hong Kong and I really want to have a chance to take some advance driving course on the track. Can anyone help to locate the closest training place for high speed and advance driving lesson? I'll be flying into Vancouver, B.C., Canada on Feb 9 and leaving there on Mar 2. Is there any place just across the border? If so, can anyone direct me to the link or contact information to the school?

Thanks for your help!!

Best regards,


This is the closest major road course track. You won't find much of anything that early in the year in the Northwest. If you're serious about it, consider flying to one of the California tracks for school (Skip Barber, etc.)

If you'd prefer to take lessons back in China, several car clubs visit Zhuhai Intl Racetrack in mainland China from Hong Kong.

-- Chris

-- Chris


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