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paint work

27 February 2012
Pinewood, MN
I am wanting to get my roof pillers and mirrors painted before I head home to MN I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for a good quality shop in the LA socal area. Just needs to be a secure place that dose good work is all I am needing any info would be very helpful thanks.

most of the guys have a good track with bell autosport in long beach i think it is. It is literally down the street from autowave. I had good experience. Ryan had a long one, but most people have a good one. Their work is sub par to none, they custom did my lbbp because the oem color was coming out too teal and they fixed it to be more like it should.
Bell is in Huntington Beach not Long Beach Jason. The quality of work is very good but their turn around time is not. Since you are here for a limited time you need to keep that in mind. If they quote a completed time that is close to the time you are leaving that could be a problem. Just saying.
Sean at Elite customs in Anaheim. He is neighbors with downforce. He painted my MCB rear valence to OE spec. Top quality and turn around time was 3 days. Best of luck. PM me if you need anything man.
Unfortunitly I will be doing a job hear and will be there till the 14th but after that I will be hear till the 20th. Dorped the nsx off at the shop to have everything done and I will be picking it up on the 14th so the next time you see it she will look better :) thank you for the sugjestions.

Just got my '95' Berlina Black NSX Stacey skirts and Downforce valence painted and installed at Bell's Auto Sport in Huntington Beach. I dropped them off on Monday and was completed by Friday, the paint match was dead on I had the whole front end repainted and it looks awesome. I spoke to Josh who is the owners son and knows the paint business and has worked on NSX's before. Their quality and attention to detail is exactly what you want if you are like me and want the job done right and on time. Thomas at Downforce recommended Bell's I am totally satisfied with their craftsmanship and integrety . Thanks you Bell's Auto Sport
Has anybody had the entire car repainted? I'm curious as to how much that kind of job would cost. For fyrnup, how much was it for the whole front end repaint? I may be needing to do that soon, if not the entire car. LMK!
I had the front done, hood, fenders, bumper and both side mirrors done. Approximate cost was $1725.00 give or take. Ask for Josh, I am sure he can answer any questions you may have. Good luck