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Well, I had my NSX painted. The result is that I can tell you who NOT to go to (PM me before you start looking at shops in the Kingwood area). Gillman Acura on 45N also gave me a quote at the time. They were more expensive but the impression they gave was that they painted NSX’s all the time, and they promised perfect results – of course, that’s not to say that I actually know what kind of work they really do. If I had to do it over again, I’d either take it to Gillman or more likely take Luis’ advice and use DVation.
anyone know of any good auto painters? i need some parts painted
thanks for the info

Why dont you have your location posted in user info ?

That would have helped many people know about where your at, and made it easier to recommend paint shops.

Now that I know your in the Houston area, whenever Ive had any paint needs, Ive gone to Milestone auto, on Dunvale.