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Parking brake

29 June 2009
Springfield, IL
The other day I went to apply my parking brake, the handle went nearly vertical. It did not take any significant force to do this. When this happened, the brake did not seem like it applied and the handle went straight back down. This happened to consecutive times, then the brake functioned near normal. I say near normal, as it seems like I pull it up one or two clicks more than I use to. The parking brake is catching and functioning as well as properly releasing. Is there something partially broken? Should I have this looked at? FYI, I almost always park on flat ground, but the brake has held on the mild slope of my driveway. Car is an '05 with about 24,000 miles.

Take the arm rest console off, check the ebrake tensioner screw. See if it backed it way out somehow.
Any brake job done lately? Especially in the rear?
If not, it might just need to tension up the ebrake more. 12mm socket wrench will do the trick. I think 6 click from resting would be correct for full lock to brake.

Someone correct me if im wrong.