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Cluster Service and Repair - Brake System Warning permanently on

5 August 2014
Around march, a cluster from France arrived with the famous "permanent brake system warning" and about 70.000 km of roads travelled. Using the tester, the issue was confirmed quickly. RPM values were ~500 too high, speed about 10 km/h too much. Illumination bulbs were darkened but all working - quite normal values for a cluster of this age and mileage.

Click image for larger version. Name:    PXL_20240305_183315246s.jpg Views:    0 Size:    121.9 KB ID:    14916
RPM being ~500 off

Click image for larger version. Name:    PXL_20240305_184238889s.jpg Views:    0 Size:    125.1 KB ID:    14917
darkened bulbs

Corrosion near the ceramic hybrid chip (HIC) marked the reason for the permanent brake system warning.

Click image for larger version. Name:    PXL_20240305_184913244s.jpg Views:    0 Size:    105.7 KB ID:    14918
.. at the middle of the special IC

One of the larger voltage stabilization capacitors showed heat damage - visible as heat shrink that starts creeping away:

Click image for larger version. Name:    PXL_20240305_185414043s.jpg Views:    0 Size:    94.3 KB ID:    14919

All components were removed, cleaned thoroughly and re-installed with a complete set of new capacitors, carefully selected to match their original purpose (like low electric leakage and bi-polar).

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cleaned and tinned

Click image for larger version. Name:    PXL_20240307_202728670s.jpg Views:    0 Size:    93.9 KB ID:    14921
all in place

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replaced where appropriate

Followed by checks and calibration, confirming the brake system error was fixed, all indicators were working and the illumination was even across the whole cluster.

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night view


PS: The animated GIF from the speed dial somehow isn't working ..
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