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Part numbers for OEM steering wheel, e-brake, sun visor, floor mats?

26 August 2021
Does anyone have the part numbers for:

  • OEM steering wheel NA1 (LHD)
  • e-brake NA1 LHD
  • Black floor mats NA1 LHD
  • Sun visors (left, middle, right for LHD)
  • door switch trim
MITA seems to have these in stock but I'm already buying a bunch of stuff from Amayama and Megazip so would like to get straight from the source. When I look up steering wheels on Amayama, they have like 5 different varieties for example, ranging from $600 to $700. (Not talking about the NSX-R or NSX Type S steering wheels). I can't figure out the differences.

I did try searching previous threads with not much luck.

I looked through that but none of the part numbers of steering wheel come up! Same with e-brake. Amayama has different part numbers.
What steering wheel part number?

RHD and LHD e brake are different.
I tried all the part numbers from your link but they're not available. I'm guessing they're US P/N. I'm guessing the steering wheels that still available are JDM ones but are exactly like the US ones based on the pictures I see online. The only difference must be the airbag having an H instead of Acura.

Amayama has these steering wheels at different prices but they're all in the same diagram and I can't figure out the differences.

For hand brake I'm tempted to buy the RHD and replace the parts I need, shift boot, button, etc. It's extreme for $300+...
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The steering wheel switches and warning tags are probably localized too.

jp-carparts.com has better descriptions (I would go with the "PUNCHING LEATHEHR")

Amayama and Impex do have responsive messaging that will investigate such things.

The grey color sun visor is "half black" (which is technically true). A RHD version will have the vanity mirror on the other side...which works for me.

There are vendors that will rewrap the steering wheel, ebrake, and sun visors in leather. Might be better and cost-effective at the expense of non-original. Get a matching leather shift boot and your car will be in BDSM nirvana.

SoS has a billet ebrake button too.