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passanger side interior lights

14 January 2001
fairfax VA USA
Does any one know where the switch is located on either door that prompts the interior lights to come on? When my passanger side dore is opened the interior lights do not come on. I have looked all over for the typical pin switch, but found nothing. The only thing I have come up with is that it is located in the actuall door mech. Before I pull the door apart I wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem or can help Thanks
Do the lights come on when you open the driver side door? If not, it could be that the switch on the dome light is in the "off" position instead of the "door" position.

Just a thought - it's always worth asking the easy questions first.
Yeah the drive side works just fine. The strange thing is the light on the passanger side door does not come on when the driver side door is open. The driver side door light works ok as does the dome light but only with the drivers door not the passanger's. I had this happen with my 1997 jeep and it turned out the pin switch was stuck, but no luck as of yet finding a switch on the passanger door yet. thanks.