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Phily are Mechanic

29 March 2005
Downingtown, PA
Phily area Mechanic

I'm on the west side of Phily, and I'm looking for someone to install headers and exhaust on a '91. Any local references? :smile:
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Re: Philly Mechanic

Since I was a former Honda mechanic, I too, prefer a dealership mechanic if you don't know anyone else. But there is nothing like a small shop that takes pride in what they do and loves to see a nice car. Give Rich at Auto Performance a call. 267-246-6346. Let him know that Wil sent you.

Best thing about small shops is that you can drive your car right onto the lift and chat all you want while you watch and learn how he puts the parts on. Just make sure to bring all the necessary parts and what not like gaskets, nuts and bolts.

My car is there now soon to get a full custom exhaust. I didn't want to have to choose btw a loud and full out exhaust or only for show type that most people buy pre-made. And maybe this summer a nice paint job. Taking things apart and putting them back together is easy. But you should check out some of the custom work he does as well.

I have always been welcomed in the work area at Davis Acura while they were working on my Nsx. Mr Davis also owns quite a collection of cars also one of which is a zanardi Nsx which is supercharged. Bernie says that everything he has is supercharged. Davis also offers a internet cafe and starbucks coffee in there waiting lounge while you wait.