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Pic Request: ESM Wheels (LM Reps) 18/19 on Formula Red

17 April 2007
Like the title says guys, Please show me some if you can. And please let me know if any mods are require to fit them.


My 1995 has upgraded larger brakes, so they didn't require any modifications (no spacers). Standard 1991-1996 brakes require a 3mm to 5mm spacer.
How much is your car lowered?

Car is lowered on Eibach Springs which is ~1.2".. (probably more like 1.5" since I think the Eibachs have sagged over the years).

Would there be any issues with this set up on a non lowered NSX?

Your car will look like a 4x4 truck. I highly advise against doing this (unless you think the NSX should look like a 4x4).