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Pics for my website.

22 March 2001
Ashland City Tn.
Hey guys,
I'm in the middle of getting my website built. I was talking to Mark Johnson through an email and he offered to tackle it for me. I know about as much about building a website as I do matching socks, so I took him up on it. If you have been a customer of mine and want to have pictures of your car on the website you are more than welcome to shoot a COUPLE of pics to me. I'm still in the stone age here on dial up, so keep them to a minimum. It'll take me three days to download them.

When the website gets up and going, I'm going to have a little garage sale. So be sure and check it out. I've got to free up some room to start stocking more parts. Also, I'm thinking about building a facility to store cars for people during the winter months. So, if your interested in having you car serviced during it's normal winter hibernation, let me know. When spring comes you can come down, pick up your car, and the work will be done and the car will be clean. All you have to worry about is having fun in your baby. I have 150 acres (30 acres of pasture) of land that my shop sits on, so I'm able to build whatever size facility I need. If there's enough interest in it, I may do this. I need to check around and find out how much people charge for this kind of service. Thoughts of putting a roadcoarse on it have been passing through my mind also. ?

(BTW, don't email me about the engine build....it's still in the works. You guys will be the first to know. I have a motor on it's way to me to use for the test mule. It will be built, driven for at least 5k miles, and then pulled out and torn down to inspect before I even think about selling them on a production level. This is a project that I'm taking very seriously. I'm taking my time with this, so please respect the level of care/attention I'm taking with this. Be patient. If I'm happy with this, you'll know. If I'm not......you'll know. If I can't get the price right, horsepower right, or if it looks like reliabilty will be an issue.....it won't be offered.)

You guys can send the pics to [email protected]

The picture you see below is an arial of the land. The large tree in the middle of the field all by itself is a cherry tree that is approx 150 years old....HUGE. The picture doesn't do it justice. The little white spec you see just north/west of the tree is my shop. It now has a red roof. (it used to be a barn go figure). The field that the tree is in is approx, 30 acres. The wooded land to the north, north/east, east, south/east and south of the tree is all ours also. I thought about eventually putting cabins in the woods so people could stay and relax while their baby gets worked on. (If I had as much money as I do ideas huh?) So, this would make a SWEET little roadcoarse site. People could come down, take their car around the track, get it worked on, and check to see if they like the changes in the car after it's been worked on. Now, if I could just find an abandoned Wells Fargo truck I could lay down some black top!!
Have a great weekend all,


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Sign me up as a happy customer who would certainly be back more often if there is a road course in the works. :biggrin:

Pics of my car are in my gallery, please feel free to steal whatever you want for the website. Good luck!
Barn Man said:
I have 150 acres (30 acres of pasture) of land that my shop sits on, so I'm able to build whatever size facility I need. ... Thoughts of putting a roadcoarse on it have been passing through my mind also. ?
150 acres + asphalt = Barn Land Race track. :smile:

Good to hear on the site - we need more of them out there!

If you'd like, get ahold of me and we'll chat about what you want to accomplish, what 'look and feel' you are shooting for and what the user interface should be. This java-happy menu thing that seems to pervade the web these days should be avoided to allow the best compatibility for multiple OS and platforms.

I'd be honored to have pics/links from my site on yours.