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Pics from the track

what tires?
Michelin PSS with about 6000 Street miles on them at a year old. I think those tires are discontinued now and been replaced by the PS4S but not entirely sure. Thinking about trefeo for track duty, but not sure it’s worth the$$$.

depends on your experience level. I'm a fan of getting at least through the intermediate stage /solo sign off on good street tires. Learn the craft, once you can keep up with the fast guys on streets then move to a R comp.
I race spec Miata in SCCA. We are on Hoosiers but those are relatively cheap. At the most I would be tracking the NSX 3-4 times a year so trying to decide if worth the 500+ tire investment

heck If you are comfortable with the performance envelope on the NC1 compared to the spec M then yes get some track tires, but not slicks.