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Not so new owner NNJ

26 November 2019
Hey guys,

I’ve actually had this car for about 4 years now, it’s a 91 Sebring silver MT, got the car almost completely stock, just had the wheels, bilstein shocks with some Tein springs, and a radio that was installed quite terribly. Had about 74k miles when I got it and is sitting at about 79k ish now.

This car really just fell into my lap and I couldn’t have gotten it at a better time, it was pre 2020+ insanity. I didn’t really know much about the car when I got it but over time just driving it I have come to really love the experience. Last year is when I started to actually get a little serious about the mods since I really wanted to improve the ride quality.

Motor has been out twice so far, for timing belt and valve cover/oil pan gaskets and such, second time was to replace cam/crank sensor. Planning on pulling it again soon to do the lost motion springs, and to rebuild the transmission with JDM short gears and 4.23 FD, along with a new oem clutch.

Anyway not to drag this out too much here’s a few pics


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Congrats, where in NJ?
Former New Milford and Teaneck resident here. Continue enjoying the newly introduced Sebring.
Thanks, I plan on doing just that, I get very attached to the things I own so once I really fell in love with this car the last thing on my mind is ever even selling it. I have a huge pile of parts sitting in my living room waiting on odds and ends from the dealer to come in so they finally get installed 😆
Lol you know you are in deep(and usually single) when you store car parts in your living room..